Trudeau’s Wife Received Money From WE Charity

Is anyone surprised at this point?

With the latest revelation that the WE Charity/WE Organization paid over $280,000 to Justin Trudeau’s mother and brother, we have now learned that Justin Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, also received money from the organization.

Her participation wasn’t quite as lucrative as the others, as she brought in $1,400 for what is being called a “one-time speaking honorarium” in 2012. That was before Trudeau became Liberal Party leader.

What’s funny is that none of this was disclosed or reported initially, and WE had even told new organizations that they didn’t pay Trudeau’s family.

Not until CANADALAND started looking into all this, and until pressure started to mount, has all of this been revealed.

Once again, we see that there is a special elitist club for those like Trudeau who think they are above the rules, and then another for the rest of us, who are forced to live in fear of making even a small misstep and being subjected to government power, media lies, and threats.

It’s a broken and totally corrupt system!

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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