Amid WE Scandal, CBC Writer Portrays Trudeau As Victim Of His Own ‘Status,’ Manages To Shoehorn Harper Into Conversation

Poor Justin.

Over $1 billion in annual funding sure gets you a lot.

Amid the WE Scandal, which worsens by the day, leave it to CBC to put the most pro-Trudeau spin on things while also somehow managing to mention Stephen Harper.

Because, you see, Justin Trudeau really is the victim here, according to CBC writer Aaron Wherry. If only Trudeau wasn’t so famous, well-connected, and didn’t have so much ‘status,’ none of this would have happened:

“One other odd thing about two of those episodes (the Aga Khan and WE) is how you can trace them back to Trudeau’s own unique life and status.

Stephen Harper didn’t have to worry about getting invited to the Aga Khan’s island and his mother and brother weren’t celebrities.”

“Of course, if you’ve lived a rarefied life — and you decide to go into politics — it’s presumably all the more important that you check yourself on a regular basis.”


I think the major link between most of the Harper government’s worst moments was an incredible desire for control.

There’s possibly also a through line linking the low points of the Trudeau era.”

This checks all the boxes of a ‘CBC defence of Trudeau’.

It’s got the ‘justification,’ casting Trudeau as a victim of his own status.

It’s got the comparison to Harper, despite Harper having LITERALLY NOTHING TO DO with this scandal.

And it’s got the attack on Harper at the end.

As you can imagine, Conservatives slammed Wherry’s terrible take:

“You are right. Justin is the victim here. He inherited millions and is surrounded by celebrity family members. His DNA and status require he break the law to profit himself.

Brought to you by the CBC.”

“It’s not Trudeau’s fault he’s unethical. According to Mr. Wherry, it comes with being a celebrity. All the more reason to stop electing people because of their famous last name.”

The ongoing fact that we pay so much money for what is essentially government propaganda is a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

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