Bill Morneau’s Daughter Works For WE Charity

Surely, yet another totally random coincidence.

The WE Scandal worsens every day.

Yesterday, we learned that Justin Trudeau’s Mother and Brother were paid a lot of money by the WE Charity/WE Organization.

Today, CANADALAND reported that Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s daughter works for WE:

“Another daughter of Morneau is a current employee of WE Charity. Grace Acan, who became part of the Morneau family after they sponsored her coming to Canada from northern Uganda in 2010, “started at WE in August 2019 as a coordinator on ME to WE Trips and in March 2020, she transitioned to the WE Schools team as a coordinator,” according to the charity.”

Additionally, Morneau’s daughter Clare Morneau has previously spoken at WE events.

This of course raises further conflict of interest issues, since it means Morneau and Trudeau both had family with seeming personal financial stakes in the WE Charity continuing to exist, thus influencing the decision to give them a huge government contract.

Also, the WE Charity had reportedly been in turmoil, with large scale layoffs of staff and turnover among the board of directors, making it even more ‘interesting’ that the Liberals sought to give them such a huge contract – seeming almost like a bailout.

The deeper this scandal goes, the worse it looks for Trudeau and the Liberals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter