WATCH: WE Charity’s Creepy Campaign-Style Promotion For Trudeau

“Take the pledge!”

As the WE Charity Scandal continues, people are drawing attention to an incredibly creepy election-style ad that WE produced featuring Justin Trudeau.

You can view it below:

“Watch to the end to see who produced this election-style ad for Justin Trudeau #cdnpoli


Until right at the very end, this totally looked like a campaign ad for Justin Trudeau.

Also, “live WE”? What the hell does that mean?

You can see why Trudeau was so desperate to keep WE going and give them tons of taxpayers dollars. He’s afraid to lose the connection to an organization that will produce thinly-veiled campaign ads for him, not to mention the whole paying his family tons of money thing.

Each passing day brings more and more evidence of how bad this all is. What will we discover tomorrow?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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What I’d like to see tomorrow is that this corrupt, biggest lying pm we have EVER had, will resign….Too many ethics investigations, and I could list a couple of hundred other reasons. Who in the whole world needs or WANTS a leader like this one?
After all, it must be Harpers fault!


The Narcissism runs deep in this one….

Eileen McRae

Canada has a lot of gullible people living in it! Response from many people if you question this is: “It is what it is.”! Not too many give a darn!