Once Again, Trudeau Apologizes Only After Getting Caught

The pattern repeats: Trudeau tries to hide the truth from Canadians, pretends he’s sorry once he gets caught, and the media minimizes the damage.

Today, Justin Trudeau ‘apologized’ for not recusing himself amid the WE Scandal:

Trudeau’s apology is BS of course, since he and the Liberals are still pushing the obvious lie that the ‘public service recommended’ the WE Charity.

We know how that really works. Trudeau wanted WE to get the massive contract, and the public service was told to recommend it as a way for the PM to pretend he was getting ‘neutral advice,’ when it was his decision all along.

Beyond the lies, we see another constantly repeating pattern with Trudeau’s response to this latest scandal:

He only apologizes when he gets caught.

Just like with their previous scandals, the Liberals tried every possible lie and spin they could to make it seem legit, made outlandish claims, and only relented when it was so obviously wrong.

And as always, Trudeau has the compliant media on his side, minimizing the damage of the scandal.

Just consider how much the media went after the Conservatives for the 90K payment by Nigel Wright – which was from his own private money – compared to what is nearly a $1 BILLION Liberal scandal – where taxpayer funds were misused.

This – combined with a system designed to protect political corruption – is why Trudeau likely thinks he’ll get away with this latest scandal.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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