Trudeau’s Approval Rating Drops

Decline in support comes amid the WE Scandal.

With the WE Scandal continuing to grow, Justin Trudeau’s recent approval rating bounce (due to the ‘rally around the flag’ effect seen during a crisis), is beginning to fade.

According to a new Angus Reid poll, Trudeau’s approval rating stands at 50%, with 48% disapproving.

In May, Trudeau’s approval rating was 55%, while his disapproval rating was 33%.

We are seeing a large surge in the number of Canadians who disapprove of Trudeau, which shows a return to the pre-CCP Virus trend where Trudeau’s approval declined the longer he was in power.

In terms of the partisan breakdown, Trudeau’s support among Liberals actually rose narrowly, from 90% to 91%.

But among Conservatives and NDP voters, Trudeau’s approval rating declined dramatically.

Conservative approval for Trudeau fell from 17% to 10%, while NDP approval fell from 71% to 62%.

There is a stark gender divide, with just 41% of men approving of Trudeau, while 58% of women approve.

Notably, Canadians who disapprove of Trudeau are much more intense in their opinion than those who approve.

34% say they ‘Strongly Disapprove’ of Trudeau, while just 16% ‘Strongly Approve.’

As a result, it seems increasingly likely that most of Trudeau’s recent increase in support is ‘soft,’ while opposition to him is far stronger and longer lasting.

Concern for economy/deficit rising

The survey shows 38% see the CCP Virus response as a top issue (respondents could pick 3), while 33% say the economy is a top issue. 29% say healthcare is a top issue, while 28% say ‘the deficit/government spending’ is the top issue.

Combined, we have 61% saying the economy and the deficit/government spending are top issues, with more and more Canadians wanting to see a credible plan to strengthen the economy, creating an opening for the Conservatives to present ideas to rebuild our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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D Met

“Trudeau’s support among Liberals actually rose narrowly, from 90% to 91%.” There in lies the problem. What the H*LL does it take for the blind Liberal Left to come to terms with the FACT that Trudeau is nothing short of a bald-faced liar!!!!

Scott Chinsota

What does it take? For the government to stop providing all the free stuff.


“What the H*LL does it take for the blind Liberal Left to come to terms with the FACT that Trudeau is nothing short of a bald-faced liar!!!!” For Liberals facts have nothing to do with their ideology, if you see the comments sections of any of the online newspapers you’ll see the defenders of Trudeau and the Liberals attacking purely on emotional terms, they’ll use personal attacks and insults but never discuss the points in a civil or rational manner. I have yet to see one well reasoned rational counter argument they’ve put forward to justify anything Trudeau has done.… Read more »


The right is the problem, there’s no one to vote for.

Major Tom

Angus Reid poll? Yeah…..right!

Guy-Paul Roy

Just what does The Edmonton NDP have to say about this? Your right, Who cares?


these women need to wake up ya can’t have him he might look alright but hes useless as all get out so chose conservatives this guy has stayed out his welcome

Terry Gain

That Trudeau’s approval rating is above 10% is a sad reflection of the intelligence of Canadians

Arie Intveld

We are witnessing an in-progress wholesale MK-Ultra program being foisted upon an embarrassingly naïve population. Far too many people living in Canada (I can no longer call them Canadians) are perfectly fine with having a corrupt cabal (I can’t call it a government) drive Canada down the road to perdition. Apparently, Marxist corruption is what these people want. Integrity, honesty, tolerance and critical thinking have now been designated pariahs in current society. I would ask these people to wake up but they claim they are already “woke”. I hope y’all have a swell time scratching out an impoverished, miserable existence… Read more »