Erin O’Toole’s Tough On China Policy Is Exactly What Canada Needs

After years of Trudeau showing weakness and pandering, our country needs to rebuild our credibility and show strength against the rising threat of China.

Conservative leadership candidate Erin O’Toole has released his China policy, and it looks to be exactly what Canada needs after years of Trudeau’s weakness.

While Trudeau appears to have somewhat woken up to the threat posed by China, he wasted many years, squandered our credibility, and is still far too weak.

Meanwhile, O’Toole’s policies would be a huge step towards Canada standing with our allies, showing resolve, and decoupling from the ruthless CCP Regime.

Here are some key aspects of O’Toole’s plan:

“Challenge the PRC’s military-run information operations activities in Canada and globally by ending the charade of accredited journalism, confronting its disinformation through proxy media organizations, and defending Canadian civil society critical of China’s influence.”

“Expel all formal and informal agents of the PRC in Canada that are intimidating Canadians, including Chinese-Canadians, and threatening our interests. This includes bringing forward legislation to prevent the foreign funding of Confucius Institute programs that have started to influence public schools across the country.”

“For five years after leaving the government, banning a former Prime Minister, Minister, Ambassador, Deputy Minister, or Clerk of the Privy Council from being allowed to accept employment with or do contract work for the Chinese government or a Chinese state owned or controlled entity. The ban would extend to doing the work directly or through a consulting or law firm; and

Establishing a Foreign Agent Registry that will require any individual or institution that enters into a contractual engagement with a Designated Country to register their contractual relationship with a Designated Country or its agencies and enterprises. The registry will initially designate China, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran as Designated Countries.”

“Decouple all proposed and existing Chinese state-controlled investment in Canada, through the Investment Canada Act, prioritizing onshoring productivity and developing Canadian self- reliance.”

“In the aftermath of Beijing’s decision to end Hong Kong’s autonomy, declare an end to the “One Country, Two Systems” policy in Canada, including all the exceptions, including extradition agreements, that an autonomous Hong Kong administered region once enjoyed with Canada.”

“Establish a powerful security partnership with India bilaterally including counter terror, and airforce/naval cooperation, toward the strategic management of the Indo-Pacific region;

Level up meaningful partnerships with the US, Japan, Australia and South Korea in intelligence and interoperability;

Lead international economic policy by engaging G7 partners plus India, South Korea and Australia toward banning PRC controlled firms from accessing capital markets, decoupling global supply chains benefitting the Communist Party of China, and develop trusted relationships between markets that are governed by the rule of law;

Join the UK proposition for a Digital 10 to protect the data and cyber sovereignty of free societies by isolating the PRC’s data mining technologies and banning PRC-controlled companies/applications;
Ban Huawei from involvement in 5G in Canada, then sanction them globally for violating international financial rules, conducting espionage and strengthening authoritarians; and

Protect the freedoms of the Chinese diaspora in Canada and around the world from the Communist Party of China’s information operations through social media, agents and intimidation.”

The full plan is worth reading, and shows that O’Toole is serious about decoupling Canada from China, rather than pandering to the CCP regime like the corrupt political class has been trying to push.

Considering that China has become the biggest threat to Canada, from the spread of the CCP Virus, to kidnapping our innocent Citizens, threatening us and our allies, and trying to infiltrate and subvert our society from within, it is essential that any serious politician in this country has a comprehensive plan to stand up for Canadians and push back against China.

O’Toole’s plan certainly meets those criteria.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube