Trudeau Directly Implicated Inviting WE To Host $1.18 Million Taxpayer Funded Event Where His Mother Spoke

There seems to be no end to this scandal, as new details emerge day after day.

The evidence continues piling up as to how Justin Trudeau has corrupted Canada’s political system for his own personal ambitions.

According to a Postmedia report, Trudeau directly invited the WE Charity to host the 2017 Canada Day weekend event in Ottawa.

WE was paid $1.18 million of our taxpayer dollars to host.

Trudeau’s mother, Margaret, spoke at the event, which took place amid the same time in which she was being paid to speak at multiple WE events.

The information was disclosed in a WE memo obtained by the National Post:

“I’m thrilled to share that we have been invited by the Prime Minister and Canadian Heritage to host a unique WE Day event in Ottawa on Canada Day Weekend 2017,” said Marc Kielburger.

Notably, that’s the same year WE produced this creepy ad featuring Trudeau:

Also of note is the fact that neither WE nor the PMO have responded to multiple requests for info on whether Margaret Trudeau was paid to speak at the 2017 Canada Day event.

As many are starting to point out, it increasingly appears that Trudeau viewed WE has a youth campaign recruitment arm of the Liberal Party, and sought to prop it up with our taxpayer dollars, serving both his selfish political interests, and the financial interests of his family.

More and more, this looks like total corruption at a scale that dwarfs many previous scandals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube