Disloyal: Green Party Sides With Chinese Communist Party, Demands Dropping Of Charges Against Meng Wanzhou

Given enough time, the left always seems to side with Communist regimes over Democracies.

As if they weren’t already a total joke, the Green Party of Canada has decided to expand their joke status and add some disloyalty to the mix.

While nearly all Canadians, and even much of the cowardly political class, wake up to the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party and reject any idea of a ‘prisoner swap,’ the Green Party has decided to side with China’s ruthless regime.

The Green Party is calling for Canada to demand that Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou have her charges dropped by the United States, saying “Canada cannot continue to be used as a pawn in a trade dsipute between the United States and China.”

Amazingly, the Green Party is pinning the blame for the kidnapping of Canadians Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor on US President Donald Trump, rather than China, claiming they are “innocent victims of Trump’s reckless disregard for Canadian interests.”

This is pathetic of course, but it’s not a surprise from the Green Party.

There was a time when the Greens – under previous leadership – actually offered some interesting ideas, and held a unique place on the political spectrum.

But now, under Elizabeth May, the Greens are a radical, far-left Party totally out of touch with Canadians. They have decided – like the left often does – to stand with a brutal Communist regime, while standing in opposition to both Canada’s allies, and our own legal system.

If the Green’s had any shame, they would realize how foolish and disloyal they look, but we know that won’t happen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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