REPORT: WE Charity Could Have Made Over Twice As Much As Liberals Initially Claimed

Ongoing remarks at the Finance Committee investigation into the scandal continue to blow holes in the Liberal narrative.

During testimony at a Finance Committee hearing investigating the WE Charity Scandal, it was revealed that WE could have made up to $43.5 million from administering the nearly $1 billion ‘volunteer’ program.

That’s a big increase from the earlier number claimed by the Liberals, who had said WE was set to make $19.5 million.

The new figure was revealed by Bardish Chagger, who has apparently been designated as the fall-personkind in the scandal.

As expected, Chagger held tightly to the Liberal narrative:

“I was not directed by the Prime Minister’s Office. It’s something we turned over to the public service as to how can we deliver this program… They made it a recommendation that WE Charity would be the organization able to deliver this program within the timeline needed, with the scope and scale and magnitude that we were just desiring.”

This of course raises the question of why the Liberals are unable to provide any solid evidence that this idea originated in the public service.

Additionally, why didn’t they reveal the $43.5 million figure initially?

Why did they only release the smaller number?

The lies by the Liberals, and the attempt to deceive Canadians continues, and they clear view Committees as nothing more than a chance to spread their BS, rather than tell the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube