WATCH: Liberal MP Accidentally Tells The Truth, Calls Bardish Chagger “Minister Of Diversion”

It’s the most honest thing a Liberal MP has said in years!

During the Finance Committee hearings on the WE Charity Scandal, Liberal MP Annie Koutrakis accidentally told the truth.

Sorry, I should have asked you to sit down first, because it certainly comes as a big shock to hear a Liberal MP say something honest!

Now that you’ve recovered from the shock, I’ll continue.

Koutrakis was trying to praise Liberal Minister Bardish Chagger (AKA the designated fall-personkind in the scandal), but accidentally described Chagger’s real role.

She called her the Minister Of Diversion.

100% correct!

You can watch the moment below (clip starts at 55:37):

Koutrakis is totally correct.

Chagger has been the Minister of Diversion for sometime now, providing an example of how to never actually answer a question, despite saying a lot of words.

Chagger certainly gets asked a lot of questions, and she certainly says a lot in response to those questions, but amazingly, real answers are never a part of the response.

So, we owe MP Koutrakis a debt of gratitude for so perfectly encapsulating Chagger’s role, and in respect to Koutrakis’ honesty, it is only fair to consistently refer to Chagger as the Minister of Diversion from now on.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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