Contact Your MP & Demand They Stop Trudeau From Giving A China-Controlled Company A Massive Contract For Canadian Embassy Security

All Canadians need to speak out against this insanity.

It was recently reported that the Trudeau government has given a massive contract to a Chinese-Communist controlled company – Nuctech – to provide security equipment for all of Canada’s embassies:

“As reported by the National Post, The Trudeau Liberal government has awarded a Chinese Communist Government controlled company with a contract to supply security equipment for 170 Canadian embassies:

“The government of Canada has awarded an estimated $6.8 million contract to a state-owned Chinese company to supply security equipment for 170 embassies, consulates and high commissions around the globe.

The contract for conveyor-style X-ray machines was awarded to Beijing-based Nuctech Company, a company owned by the Chinese government and founded by the son of former General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Hu Jintao.”

The article notes that Nuctech is known as the “Huawei of airport security”.


Just great.

How could that go wrong?”

The fact that we even need to deal with this is insane.

It should have been simply common-sense for the Liberals to reject this contract – which they now claim they are ‘reviewing.’

This is an instance in which our elected officials must hear our outrage loud and clear.

They need to hear the outrage of Canadians, they need to hear that we are totally opposed to giving this contract to that China-controlled company.

That’s why I encourage you to contact your MP and make it very clear to them that you and everyone you know is against it, and will punish them at the ballot box if they don’t stand up against it.

Contact your MP at the link below, and share this post so as many people as possible can fight back against this horrendous decision.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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