Minister Of Diversion Bardish Chagger Spoke To WE Shortly Before Huge Contract Was Given, Neglected To Mention It In Testimony

A slight oversight.

After hilariously being referred to as the ‘Minister of Diversion‘ by one of her fellow Liberal MPs, Chagger has added a new role to her rapidly expanding resume:

Minister of Omission.

Turns out, Chagger spoke to WE Charity co-founder Craig Kielburger on April 17th. Less than a week later, the Liberals gave WE the huge contract to run a nearly $1 billion taxpayer-funded ‘volunteer program.’

According to the Star, Chagger’s office claims the call was unrelated to the volunteer program, and was instead about a “social entrepreneurship program.”

“Our office reviewed (WE’s pitch) in early April, and this meeting, this phone call, was in reference to that. And it didn’t go anywhere,” said Dani Keenan, a spokesperson for Chagger, on Monday.”

Strangely, Chagger neglected to mention this phone call, despite having hours to testify at a House of Commons Committee looking into the matter.


Must have just slipped her mind.

Clearly, Chagger and the Liberals are continuing to try and hide the truth, omit what really is going on, and hope the scandal somehow just goes away.

But with Canadians demanding answers, the Liberals poll numbers dropping, and the Opposition sensing vulnerability, it’s not going away anytime soon.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Moe S.

Appears Trudeau and his cabinet ministers can’t decide who among them should be Trudeau’s scapegoat. The accusation by Trudeau that it was the “public servants” who administer the gov’t charity program gave the contract to WE is not holding water among the general public.