Seems Like Trudeau-Appointee Julie Payette Is A Horrible Boss

Payette apparently doesn’t realize she is supposed to be a figurehead who doesn’t draw attention or cause problems.

From the beginning, Julie Payette has been a terrible Governor General.

Payette has the easiest job in the world.

She literally gets to just make some feel-good speeches, show up at a few events, and otherwise do nothing.

There’s no real pressure.

There are almost no expectations.

In short, it’s basically impossible to mess it up.

Yet, Trudeau-appointee Julie Payette has managed to do exactly that.

First, she introduced herself as being far too political in a role that is supposed to be non-partisan.

And now, it turns out she is a horrible boss.

According to a recent CBC report (perhaps they’re trying to distract from Trudeau’s problems), Payette likes to scream at her staff and humiliate people:

“The sources say Payette has yelled at, belittled and publicly humiliated employees. They accuse her of throwing tantrums in the office and, one one occasion, tossing an employee’s work aside and calling it “shit.”

On a single day, multiple people were seen leaving Payette’s office with tears in their eyes after private meetings with the Governor General, said one source. In another instance, a staff member was spotted crying in their car.

“She screams and humiliates staff in front of others,” said a former employee. “It’s verbal abuse. In no world is it OK to treat people that way.””

What makes this all the more strange is it’s not as if Payette is making any important decisions.

This isn’t life and death stuff.

There isn’t even a bunch of money on the line.

It’s a feel-good, ceremonial role where you just show up to events and make some bland empty speeches that go in one ear and out the other and nobody really cares.

Why would she be so angry in that position?

Why humiliate people for no reason?

Clearly, Payette isn’t at all well-suited for the role, and the fact that Trudeau appointed her is another demonstration of his incompetence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Julie Payette is supposed to be a Representative of the Queen in Canada. Payette is an insult to the Queen and does not Represent the Queen in any Way, Whatsoever. Queen Elizabeth is a Classy Individual who always shows Composure, Intellect and Kindness, unlike Payette. Payette has been a Very Inappropriate Governor General. It is high time that Payette is Removed for a Position that she has NEVER been Suitable for, from Day One.

T Cameron

Disgraceful to take allegations as absolute truth. What about DUE PROCESS? This is “cancel culture” tactics.