At Least Trudeau & Morneau Didn’t Spend $16 On Orange Juice!

If they had committed such a horrible act, they might have had to resign!

Amid the ongoing WE Charity Scandal, it’s essential that we keep some perspective.

Sure, Justin Trudeau tried giving a nearly $1 billion contract to a real estate holding company connected to a group that has paid his family hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sure, Trudeau and the government lied to Canadians about it repeatedly.

Sure, Minister Bardish Chagger ‘forget to mention’ in her testimony that she had spoken to WE not long before the contract was given.

Sure, Finance Minister Bill Morneau has a daughter who works for WE.

Sure, Morneau also had $41,000 in vacation expenses paid by WE, which he only paid back on the same day he testified about it.

And sure, this whole things looks totally corrupt.


They could have bought $16 orange juice.

Just imagine the immense damage to the nation had they committed that egregious act.

Imagine the damage it would have done to confidence in the government.

Imagine how strongly the media would be holding the Liberals accountable if they had done that.

Thank goodness they didn’t!

Why, otherwise, they might actually have had to resign!

You are 100% right Justin. Enough lying to Canadians!

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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