CORRUPTION: Trudeau Caught In Massive Lie, Huge Government Contract Went To WE’s Real Estate Holding Company, Not WE Charity

The Liberal government put out false information in official documents, lying to all Canadians and suppressing the truth.

If the Liberals thought the WE Charity Scandal had gotten as bad as it could get, they were dead wrong.

It has gotten much worse.

Justin Trudeau – and the entire Liberal government – have been caught in a massive lie.

In official documents and statements put out to the public, Trudeau and the government said they were giving the nearly $1 billion contract to the WE Charity.

Turns out, that was false.

Instead, the government gave the contract to the WE Organization’s newly-formed real estate holding company, the WE Charity Foundation.

As noted by Global News, the WE Charity Foundation “is a distinct charity with no track record.”

In effect, it appears the WE Charity Foundation hasn’t actually done any charitable work, and instead only holds real estate.

Notably, the WE Charity Foundation explicitly states that they are “not a branch, section or division of any other charity.”

Charity lawyer Mark Blumberg told Global it was “shocking”:

“This appears to completely different than what was said by a number of government officials in different forums,” said Blumberg, a partner at Blumberg Segal LLP.

“It is absolutely shocking that the government would say that they provided a grant to We Charity when in fact they provided the grant or funds to WE Charity Foundation — a shell corporation with no assets, no history, no record of charitable work.”

Amazingly, WE itself said the foundation had not started operations.

This is far far worse than what has been revealed so far.

There is now zero possibility that this was simply arrogance by the Trudeau Liberals.

This is now outright corruption.

“So, Justin Trudeau awarded a contract worth nearly $1 Billion to a real estate shell company run by friends of his who were having a hard time making their real estate payments after said friends had paid over $300,000 to his family members and pumped his political tires?”

Trudeau must resign, and any Liberal MP who refuses to demand he leave is now complicit in his attempt to corrupt the government against Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Beverley Campbell

Please, you may have been astonished by the level of corruption within and led by the current Governing Party, however, it should not surprise you that the average Canadian has no faith in this government and was NOT surprised by this latest arm of the scandal and WILL NOT be surprised when NOTHING comes of it, we are used to it now, does not mean that we like it but we are inured.

D. Briggs

How/why is Trudeau being allowed, yet again, to get away with this scandal/corruption?
When is our government going to come to its’ senses and impose controls and restrictions on the Liberals to stop them from destroying our country??
Get on with your jobs “government” and take charge before is’s too late!!!!


not good enough to just resign . The entire filthy Liberal party needs to be removed and dealt with under the law(s).


Mr nobody will do nothing about it.It is just a daily news.You can read more news tomorrow.

Brian Rushfeldt

massive lie – yes and a lot like organized crime.

Garlet Farlett

Unfortunately, he is to arrogant and narcissistic to resign, and his liberal MP’s are complicit in his actions.
I expect a whole lot of nothing to happen over this, just like the other 2 breaches.

PLEASE… someone prove me wrong! I’d love to be wrong on this one!!!

Leo Frey

If the people of Ontario and Quebec (they pretty much alone elected him) don’t immediately call for Trudeau’s resignation then they obviously do not believe in Canadian unity. If that is the case, it’s time to really push the separation agenda. Why be part of a country where not only does less than one half the population dictate what happens in the country as a whole but also that same half the country has zero moral ethics. Imagine the yelling by the east if HARPER had tried this bullshit not once, not twice, but three times. In our world 3… Read more »

CArolyn Fox

If this isn’t enough to put this corrupt gov. In jail then we are in real trouble.
They are the Cartel and not welcome in Canada. If there are judges and lawyers out there that will take this on please proceed. The Canadian will have your back.

Moe S.

BOOM!!! A “shell corporation.” What do the wealthy elites use “shell corporations” for??? Hiding money from the tax man. Laundering money. Kick-backs. Nah, Trudeau surely wasn’t trying to pull a Bill & Hillary Clinton scheme?

Dawson Nodwell

Justin Trudeau and hisa corrupt friends Dominic Leblanc etc, should step down or be literally thrown out of any GOVERNMENT , Enough is more than Enough…………….

Jackie Littler

So now some pundits are claiming it was because the government wanted to download the liability of the students which they say is perfectly normal. So my question is – how much does this liberal government care about the students if they are perfectly willing to download liability onto another party.

Scott Lindsay

I have heard in cknw 980 am this morning that it was 500,000,000 grant and they can not account for the other 400,000,000 it has vanished.