Erin O’Toole Condemns China’s Genocide Against Uighurs

Politicians must speak honestly about the threat of China and the crimes being committed by the CCP regime.

Conservative leadership candidate Erin O’Toole isn’t mincing words when it comes to China.

On Twitter, O’Toole joined MPs from around the world in condemning China’s genocide against the Uighur people:

“I join parliamentarians from across Europe to condemn the genocide of the Uyghur people in China.

As our own House of Commons holds a committee session today on these atrocities, it is time for action. We are either for human rights or we are not. I will not stand idly by.”

It’s good to see O’Toole using clear and honest language to talk about China.

The Chinese Communist Party is trying to silence critics through political correctness, and many far-left elites have become ‘useful idiots’ who refuse to criticize China:

“If you oppose the use of the term China Virus or CCP Virus, you are acting as an unpaid stooge of the ruthless Chinese Communist Regime! Congrats on selling out your values without even getting paid for it!”

China can’t be allowed to get away with their actions, and all Canadian politicians should be doing what O’Toole is doing when it comes to China: Clearly detailing the threat posed by the regime and using honest, clear language.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube