Leslyn Lewis Promises Free Votes For MPs On Conscience Issues, Praises Belinda Karahalios

The Doug Ford PCs have generated immense outrage among the Conservative base for having betrayed their promise to allow free votes. It’s good to see Lewis pushing back.

With the Ontario PCs being slammed for the betrayal of their base by going back on the their promise to allow free votes, Conservative leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis is promising to live up to that promise at the federal level.

Lewis said she would ensure free votes for MPs on issues of conscience, and praised Belinda Karahalios – who was kicked out of the Ontario PC Caucus after voting against the permanent extension of emergency powers:

“My position remains the same: under my leadership, MPs will have free votes on matters of conscience.

Standing alone is not easy. I applaud @KaraholiosPC for having the courage of her convictions.”

So far, Lewis is the only CPC leadership candidate who has spoken up in defence of Karahalios, and Lewis deserves a lot of credit for being the first to take that stance.

All Conservative leadership candidates must support free votes, and even more importantly, whoever wins must be held accountable. Many Conservatives supported Doug Ford and the PCs on the basis of allowing free speech and free votes, and that promise was betrayed.

If the Conservatives betray their own voters federally, they will pay a very serious price.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube