Sloan Slams Ford, Stands With Belinda Karahalios

CPC leadership candidate Derek Sloan rips into “egregious government overreach.”

With backlash growing among the Conservative base to both Bill 195 (extending government emergency powers), and Doug Ford’s removal of Belinda Karahalios from the PC Caucus for opposing the legislation, CPC leadership candidate Derek Sloan is slamming Ford’s move:

“Shame on @fordnation for Ontario Bill 195. Also, an absolute disgrace that Ford has expelled @KarahaliosPC from PC caucus. Belinda is a hero for standing up for democracy & freedoms & against egregious government overreach! #cdnpoli #onpoli #istandwithbelinda”

Sloan’s remarks follow Leslyn Lewis, who was the first CPC leadership candidate to push back against Karahalios’ removal, and it’s great to see Sloan standing strong on principle here.

A key reason many are so angry at Ford is that he has clearly broken a promise he made during the Ontario PC leadership race.

Ford promised that MPP’s would have free votes on all issues except for budgets. The Conservative base has long been pushing for a strengthening of the power of individual elected members, reduced centralization, and free votes on more issues, and many supported Ford based on his embrace of the rights of elected members to speak their minds.

By going against that promise, Ford has clearly betrayed a promise he made to voters, and is acting more like a centralizing Liberal than the Conservative people thought they were voting for.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter