Canada’s Judges Are Moving The Country In A Far-Left Direction That Canadians Never Voted For

Conservatives and all common-sense Canadians need to realize that the left is increasingly achieving through the courts what they can’t achieve at the ballot box.

We repeatedly hear that Canada is a “left-wing” or “centre-left” nation.

Yet, the actual numbers don’t bear that out.

On many issues, including immigration, the death penalty, crime, defending our history, standing up to China, and more, Canadians are either centrist, or conservative. At the very least, the country is split down the middle on many issues that the leftist elites claim are ‘consensus.’

However, the political class is much more left-wing than the country itself. For example, while a majority of Canadians have called for lower immigration levels, and the country is split on bringing back the death penalty, even the supposedly ‘Conservative’ Party doesn’t advocate for that.

Instead, the political class goes in the opposite direction. Consider how many Canadians feel the country is too soft on crime, yet instead of responding to those concerns, the system gets weaker and weaker.

Clearly, the views of Canadians are not being represented accurately in our political system.

But there is an even bigger issue.

The Canadian judiciary is moving the country in a far-left direction that we never voted for.

For example, a judge recently ruled that the Safe Third Country Agreement violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, meaning that Canada won’t be able to deport illegal border crossers from the US. That would amount to ending our national sovereignty over our immigration system, and making a mockery of the idea of borders.

Almost nobody voted for this.

In fact, while the NDP pushed for it in the last election, they were decisively rejected by an overwhelming majority of voters.

Yet, one singular judge has now imposed NDP policy on the entire country.

That is an explicitly political decision.

Common-sense tells us that the US is a safe and democratic nation. For a judge to say otherwise is to side with the most radical-left ideologues.

And notice how these decisions never go in a more Conservative direction.

Notice how judges rarely – if ever – interpret the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in a way that defends the rights of law-abiding Canadian gun owners.

That too, is an explicitly political decision.

For far too long, the Conservatives have been playing along with the establishment, going along with the fiction that Canada’s judges are apolitical. As a result, they keep picking judges from the leftist elitist class, who then predictably move the country ever-further to the left.

It is time for Conservatives, and all common-sense Canadians to wake up and realize that unless Conservative & Centrist Canadians start cultivating a network of judges, the country will continue to move ever more towards the radical left – even when Canadians vote against those very same ideas.

Our democracy is at stake.

Spencer Fernando


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