Trudeau-Appointee Julie Payette’s Office Under Investigation By Privy Council Office

Investigation follows reports that she mistreats staff.

The Privy Council Office is investigating Governor General Julie Payette’s office, after allegations that she mistreats staff by humiliating them and yelling at them.

This only adds to the collapse of Payette’s image, who was once a respected astronaut, but is now seen as totally incapable of handling the job of Governor General, despite it being one of the easiest & cushiest jobs in the world.

Payette had previously faced criticism for being overly political, and inserting her own opinions into the ceremonial role.

In a statement, the Privy Council Office said this:

“Harassment has no place in any professional workplace. “It is a public service priority to advance efforts to more effectively prevent and resolve issues of harassment.”

Payette responded:

“I am deeply concerned with the media reports regarding the Office of the Governor General and I am completely committed to ensuring that every employee who works at Rideau Hall enjoys a secure and healthy work environment at all times and under all circumstances. I take harassment and workplace issues very seriously.”

Once again, another failed Trudeau-appointee.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Another “teachable moment” for the voters in large (mostly) eastern cities. Since she had nothing to do with the WE scandal, country wrecker trudeau will probably dump her and put an even more inept liberal in her place, meanwhile blaming Harper for the whole thing.

Ron Condly

Payette is the worst possible choice for many reasons. But is it a sideshow or some other play by the PMO? The GG has the power to call an election if confidence in the Government is lost. From Trudeau and the PMO point of view it may be in their interest to keep the GG busy and concurrently dilute Canadians attention from WE Gate and the trainwreck that has been the Liberal Government and The Groper. It has been known for ever Payette is a bully, She had a nasty reputation at Nasa and in Russia. So why now? The… Read more »


there is no free speech in canada.