WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? Refusal To Hold Public Inquiry Into Nova Scotia Mass Shooting Is An Abomination

This will further damage what little trust remains between the Canadian People and the government.

When a large, horrific event like the Nova Scotia mass shooting takes place, the government owes a duty to get to the facts.

Just as importantly, they owe a duty to the families of the victims.

And the families have been very clear:

Hold a public inquiry, backed by the full force of the law to compel witnesses.

The Canadian People have been calling for an inquiry, because of many of the disturbing aspects surrounding the mass shooting, including the possibility that the shooter had links to the RCMP.

With those kinds of rumours and concerns out there, the government must ensure that a full, public, and transparent inquiry takes place, or the rumours will get even worse.

Yet, instead of listening to the families, instead of listening to Canadians, instead of doing the right thing, the Liberal government has refused to hold a public inquiry.

Instead, they are setting up a weak ‘independent panel,’ that will have no real power, and no ability to compel witnesses.

Darcy Dobson, whose Mother Heather O’Brien was killed in the mass shooting, called it a “slap in the face.”

“We’re disappointed. It’s a slap in the face, for sure.”

“Today, [Justice Minister] Mark Furey said in his release that he didn’t want to hurt the families anymore, and what you’re doing is hurting us by not giving us what we asked for.”

Dobson is 100% right.

This is insulting to the families, and insulting to all Canadians who have a right to get answers.

If the killer had connections to the RCMP, we deserve to know. If he didn’t, we deserve to know that as well.

If we don’t get answers, we can only assume the worst, and many people will assume the worst because the government isn’t being transparent.

The question now is this: What are they hiding?

Why won’t the government listen to the families?

And how can we trust anything that we are being told?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube