Despite Being Allocated $900 Million, WE Program Was Going To Offer Just $500 Million In Grants

Where was that other $400 Million going to go?

Another day, another element to the WE Scandal.

Today, it was reported that the program that was to be administered by WE had funding for $500 million worth of student grants.

You may be thinking, “but I heard it was a $900 million program.”

Yes, you are correct.

And that’s the issue here.

WE was to be allocated $912 million by the Liberal government, a massive amount of taxpayer money.

The government could have paid them up to $43.5 million to administer the program.

The entire (public) point of the program was to provide student grants.

The government repeatedly said it was a $912 million program.

So why would only $500 million be set aside for actual grants?

It’s an interesting question, and it makes things worse for the Liberals yet again.

The more deeply Canadians look into this, the more it all doesn’t seem to add up.

What should have been a simple addition to the Canada Summer Jobs program, was instead set to be outsourced to a charity with strong ties to Trudeau, having paid his family hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then, we learned that the money wasn’t even going to the WE Charity, it was going to the WE Charity Foundation, which is a real estate holding firm, raising even further questions.

Again, this all doesn’t add up, and the Liberals story continues to crumble.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Marjorie Bradley

So WHERE is the rest? How is it that the NDP and Bloc supported him? What if any amount was it worth to them? The scandal is “high” in foul fumes. And it’s not likely we will get good answers to our inquiries from the “grand poohbah of transparency” Keep posting these articles. I will continue to support you.

Guy-Paul Roy

Now,,, HOW is anyone going to scratch out an I.O.U. for over $40,000 without a $400 million KICKBACK?


Nothing will be done.One can gouge it by the amount of comments one receives.Young Canadians have no clue where their country is going.All they are interested to have their heads looking into their Iphone.I wander what they are reading or plying games.I can’t see how anything will be done to stop this corruption.We have no more thinkers but a lot of followers.”The animal farm” there are a lot of sheep out there.

Shawn Harris

I said it before, meet the new Liberals, same as the old Liberals.This is just an updated version of Adscam. With all of the new evidence pouring out about Trudeau and WE founders, Craig and Mark Kielburger, it’s no wonder why Trudeau wanted to do a sole source contract. And how much more evidence is needed before the RCMP will decide to investigate, this state sanctioned corruption.

James Smith

RCMP only investigates conservatives