Hypocrite Hajdu’s Costly Commute: While Telling You Not To Travel, Hajdu’s Repeated Flights Cost Taxpayers $73K

This is hypocrisy at a stunning and shameful level.

Amid the CCP Virus Crisis caused by the Chinese Communist Party, one of the saddest things has been how many people died alone, separated from their families.

Even many who got sick and recovered had to endure weeks, and even months away from their loved ones, as our ‘leaders’ and ‘experts’ told us over and over again to cancel all non-essential travel.

And yet, while Patty Hajdu was telling you not to travel to see your family, she was doing exactly that.

Hajdu repeatedly flew on government jets from Ottawa to Thunder Bay, violating her own advice to the rest of us.

And now we know the cost:

According to documents obtained by Blacklock’s reporter, Hajdu’s flights cost Canadian taxpayers $73,220.

Over and over again, she flew back and forth on weekends, using YOUR tax dollars to do something she told YOU not to do.

It’s disgusting hypocrisy.

As we repeatedly see, this arrogance and elitism is deeply rooted in the Liberals. They think they are better than us. They think they are above us. They think our hard-earned tax dollars are their own personal plaything. And they treat us, and our families with total contempt.

If Hajdu had any credibility or respect for Canadians, she would resign. So of course, that won’t happen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Guy-Paul Roy

Liberals only oppose LIBERTY to NON-Liberals. Liberal Sinister- Ministers is all good.


They have no shame.Nearly all of them think the same.Take while it is there.Opportunist I do not know who vote them in to be our leaders.

Ted Tilden

Looking for your article of outrage over CPP upping its investments in China and teaming up with Chinese investors and analysts. Must be an oversight on your part or accepting the prudent judgement of CPP management. Which is it?

Shawn Harris

This current iteration of the Liberal Party clearly shows that Trudeau and everyone beneath him must never display, show or attempt to prove they have any morals, values, shame or a clean and clear conscience. It also raises the thought, of why these elected Liberals would act in such a disgusting way, is the reward so overpowering that being anything more than a normal person with real morals, values, honesty and a sense of decency, is something that repulses them. Trudeau and his entire caucus have hit rock bottom with their hypocrisy, lies, contempt and arrogance and yet they continue… Read more »