Trudeau Ratings Collapse Continues: Majority Now Disapprove Of PM

CCP Virus Crisis bounce is being erased amid WE Charity Scandal, as Trudeau returns to being an unpopular politician.

As I’ve written previously, Justin Trudeau had enjoyed a bounce in the polls amid the CCP Virus Crisis, similar to the polling bounce experienced by most world leaders.

Given the chance to speak to the nation everyday, and with the establishment press giving him cover (ignoring his failure to close the borders when the virus could have been mostly kept out), Trudeau’s ratings surged.

In February of 2020, just 33% approved of Trudeau, while 64% disapproved.

When the CCP Virus hit however, Trudeau’s approval rating jumped to 54%, while his disapproval rating fell to 44%.

But now, his ratings are collapsing.

The July 10-11 Angus Reid poll showed Trudeau’s approval rating falling 5 points to 50%, while his disapproval rating jumped 4 points to 48%.

Now, the latest Angus Reid poll shows that trend continuing.

A majority of Canadians (54%), now disapprove of Trudeau, while 44% approve.

Since May, Trudeau’s approval rating is down a full 11 points, while his disapproval rating is up 10 points.

The fact remains that, though the establishment media rarely admits it, Trudeau has become an unpopular politician. Generally, the more Canadians see of Trudeau in office, the less they like him.

In 2019, he nearly lost power, losing his majority, losing the popular vote, and hemorrhaging voters from the 2015 election.

With the China Virus Crisis bounce dissipating, Trudeau is returning to his previous unpopularity, as the majority of Canadians reject his agenda and his actions.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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richard taylor

Trudeau is by far the worst PM in Canadian history!

Shawn Harris

Justin Trudeau is just like a leopard, the leopard can’t change it’s spots and Trudeau can’t stop being the arrogant, self absorbed untrustworthy liar he is. And these polling numbers prove it.

Ron Condly

Shawn you encapsulated Trudeau so well in one sentence. Well done. And you provided the evidence in the following 6 words. Thank you.


Time to call for a non-confidence vote. Sounds like the Bloc May support this now.


I think it’s all bluster by the Bloc. If the conservs. had their new leader it’s a possibility. They’re not the party to vote for anyway, they’re just commie lite meaning the conservs. Only Max Bernier was willing to fight for justice and to turn our country back to the greatness it once was before the two Trudeaus.