BREAKING: Under Massive Pressure, Government To Hold Public Inquiry Into Nova Scotia Mass Shooting

The initial plan of setting up a weak ‘independent panel’ was slammed by the families of the victims and generated huge backlash.

In a big reversal, the federal government says they will be holding a public inquiry into the Nova Scotia mass shooting.

The move comes after the original plan – a weak ‘independent panel’ that would not have had the power to compel witnesses – was slammed by the families of the victims, and caused outrage among Canadians who had been clearly and strongly demanding a more powerful Public Inquiry.

Here’s what public safety minister Bill Blair said in a statement:

This is what the government should have done from the beginning.

The fact that it took such massive public pressure has led to a huge surge in people wondering why the government was so unwilling to have a public inquiry, and to wonder what the government may have been hiding.

So, even though this announcement today is good, we must continue to keep the pressure on and make sure the government doesn’t try to pull the wool over our eyes again.

The families, and all Canadians, deserve answers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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This is good news,BUT if it’s ‘Liberal Run’ will we EVER get to the truth, or will it be shut down -JUST before we do- the way the SNC Lavalin ‘inquiry’ was?!!


I think all the Honourables who were going to be a part of this very secret “dog and pony show” should be dismissed since they agreed to lead this farce in the first place. The surviving families deserve better, Nova Scotians deserve better, and ALL Canadians deserve the unvarnished truth of this tragedy.

Eric Blair

Am I to take it that the 10 liberal MPs from Nova Scotia were just fine with what the Trudeau government initially wanted for an investigation/inquiry into this tragedy. They should have threatened to cross the aisle if nothing sort of a Public Inquiry was not call. Oh I forgot… they have to get their 6 years in the house before they can collect that much prized MP pension.