VIDEO: Under Questioning, Kielburgers Admit Margaret Trudeau Wasn’t Paid As A Speaker Until After Trudeau Became PM

Yet another random coincidence!

During testimony, Conservative MP Michael Barrett – who has been doing a great job holding the Liberals accountable – asked the Kielburger bros if Margaret Trudeau had ever been paid as a speaker by WE before Justin Trudeau was elected PM.

The answer?


She was only paid AFTER Trudeau took power.

You can watch the moment below:

“Justin Trudeau’s mother was not paid by WE Charity until after he became Prime Minister, then she received $300k while the vast majority were never paid”

Surely, this timing is nothing more than yet another random coincidence, the latest in a completely unexpected serious of other random coincidences that have taken place throughout this scandal…

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter