VIDEO: Under Questioning, Kielburgers Admit Margaret Trudeau Wasn’t Paid As A Speaker Until After Trudeau Became PM

Yet another random coincidence!

During testimony, Conservative MP Michael Barrett – who has been doing a great job holding the Liberals accountable – asked the Kielburger bros if Margaret Trudeau had ever been paid as a speaker by WE before Justin Trudeau was elected PM.

The answer?


She was only paid AFTER Trudeau took power.

You can watch the moment below:

“Justin Trudeau’s mother was not paid by WE Charity until after he became Prime Minister, then she received $300k while the vast majority were never paid”

Surely, this timing is nothing more than yet another random coincidence, the latest in a completely unexpected serious of other random coincidences that have taken place throughout this scandal…

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Crooks! Everyone of those


This time you got them.Next time Chinese Communist Government will put the money into their offshore accounts.Chinese know now how Canadians are easily swayed..How sad.

D Kuziw

Smart move these people running this charaty know they do not enjoy the immunity to prosecution that Trudeau and his band of corrupt liberals enjoy.That they enjoy for now with any justice it won’t last!


This is aired on between the Covid shows!


Who wouldn’t want an ex groupie of the Rolling Stones who may have played around on her husband being paid to speak to a children’s charity! It beats the hell out of using the money wastefully like feeding the poor kids, or clothing them or educating them.