WATCH: Kielburger Bros Grilled

Marc & Craig Kielburger testify as their charity loses sponsors amid growing scandal.

The Kielburger brothers, who founded the WE Charity that is under the cloud of a scandal engulfing the Liberal government and the Trudeau family, are testifying at the House Finance Committee.

You can watch the testimony below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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christina laskowski

cant stand that liberal speaker of the house …. all he does is allow them to carry on about them the we …. us trudeau style for sure


Nothing will happen to the slime bags they are well known among politicians.
I wander how many hands are in the kitty bag.I would go to jail for something like that I live on the measly pension and support political parties because I believe in democracy,but I can not match the political contribution,as much as these slime bags.When a poor women gave the last penny she had to Jesus that was a real contribution,but unfortunately we don’t live anymore by those principals.We have lost our forefathers teachings.We are smart now, and anything goes.

Moe S.

OMG! These two have definitely been coached by a team of Liberal’s on how NOT to answer a question and drag out the 4 minute allotted time. What a disgrace these two fools to use Covid-19 to hide behind.

Alanna Bird

I don’t understand why the “chairperson” does not direct the brothers to answer the direct questions… who cares what their organization has done in the past or about covid … I would like to see ANSWERS to the questions ….