WATCH: Kielburgers Refuse To Answer 4 Times In A Row As Poilievre Asks If Their Law Firm Had Reporters Investigated

It was a simple “yes or no” question, and they were under oath. Yet, they refused to give a “yes or no” answer.

Four times in a row, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre asked the Kielburger bros whether they had their law firm investigated reporters Jesse Brown and Jaren Kerr, who had both done substantial reporting on WE.

It was a simple question, with a simple yes or no answer.

Either they did have their lawyers surveil reporters, or they didn’t.

And yet, each time they were asked, four times in a row, they refused to give a clear answer.

“I point blank asked the Kielbergers 4 times if their law firm hired private investigators surveil reporters. All 4 times, they refused to answer.”

At one point, one of the Kbros even claimed they were ‘threatened’ by Poilievre.

You can watch the disgraceful moment below:

“Q: Did the Kielburgers hire private investigators to look into Jesse Brown and Jaren Kerr?

A: [philibustering and moral outrage]”

As many people have pointed out, when such an easy yes or no question doesn’t get a clear “no” as the response, it makes everyone feel like the answer is “yes.”

It would have been so easy for them to say “no,” if “no” was actually the truth.

Jaren Kerr, one of the reporters who reportedly surveilled, had this to say after:

“The Kielburgers refuse, under oath, to answer Pierre Poilievre’s question: Did WE’s lawyer hire a security firm to investigate myself and @JesseBrown?”

The more ‘testimony’ takes place, and the more information we get, the worse the scandal appears.

Spencer Fernando

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