WATCH: Kielburgers Refuse To Answer 4 Times In A Row As Poilievre Asks If Their Law Firm Had Reporters Investigated

It was a simple “yes or no” question, and they were under oath. Yet, they refused to give a “yes or no” answer.

Four times in a row, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre asked the Kielburger bros whether they had their law firm investigated reporters Jesse Brown and Jaren Kerr, who had both done substantial reporting on WE.

It was a simple question, with a simple yes or no answer.

Either they did have their lawyers surveil reporters, or they didn’t.

And yet, each time they were asked, four times in a row, they refused to give a clear answer.

“I point blank asked the Kielbergers 4 times if their law firm hired private investigators surveil reporters. All 4 times, they refused to answer.”

At one point, one of the Kbros even claimed they were ‘threatened’ by Poilievre.

You can watch the disgraceful moment below:

“Q: Did the Kielburgers hire private investigators to look into Jesse Brown and Jaren Kerr?

A: [philibustering and moral outrage]”

As many people have pointed out, when such an easy yes or no question doesn’t get a clear “no” as the response, it makes everyone feel like the answer is “yes.”

It would have been so easy for them to say “no,” if “no” was actually the truth.

Jaren Kerr, one of the reporters who reportedly surveilled, had this to say after:

“The Kielburgers refuse, under oath, to answer Pierre Poilievre’s question: Did WE’s lawyer hire a security firm to investigate myself and @JesseBrown?”

The more ‘testimony’ takes place, and the more information we get, the worse the scandal appears.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Marian Joudoin

Don’t know who gets tips to dance around the questions JT or the Kielburgers.


Are these inquiries being aired on television or social media?

Well guess what….WE want to know the answer…and these arrogant little jerks should have been directed to answer as per Poilievre’s question.
How dare they dismiss his question and accept that answer.
The arrogance of these government made elites. Ripping off Canadians yet they have the audacity to act so superior.
It’s called ‘honesty’, something these guys know little of and the entire charade will be like this.

Jim Montag

Why does the chair not force an answer or invoke contempt of Parliament?


The Chair is Wayne Easter, a Liberal MP from Prince Edward Island. There’s your answer – he’s another Corrupt Liberal. When Pierre Poilievre asked for a Yes or No answer, the Chair should have done his job, and demanded the answer – Yes or No!!


We have no choice but to assume the answer was Yes. These two should have appeared separately as should Telford and Trudeau. Let the Commission discover if their two stories are similar to the same questions.

Yvette Loke

Watching this, I could have sworn these two clowns sounded exactly like liberals; almost word for word. What a circus.


Keep in mind, Keilburgers and Trudeau are of the same ilk

Eileen McRae

Wow! These two brothers definitely are part of Justin’s flock as they adopt the same tactics as he does with respect to reporters! If we don’t like what reporters are putting into the public square, we’ll investigate said reporters and see if we can dig up some dirt on them to discredit them! That is exactly what JT does with conservative journalists. Only JT goes one step further, he shuts them down! So much for freedom of speech in Canada! You say what I want you to say, or you say NOTHING!

James Smith

Turdeau’s own personal media dept. (CBC) has stated that would still win an election today, it pays to pay!


The very alleged idea of private investigators to obtain the name of a journalist’s child shows what they have in common with the Great and Teflon one: vindictiveness. And, as someone pointed out, the corollary question of allegedly using charitable funds for such alleged nefariousness. What a nightmare.


Trudeau’s version of the New Green Deal – spread the “green” around to friends and family! Elitists have no conscience when it comes to spending other people’s money, especially if it is taxpayer’s money.

alan skelhorne

why is there a liberal, it should be a neutral person
this guy is just like his boss, trudeau, arrogant and ignorant.. i rest my case.


That was a yes far as Iam concerned