WE Paid Margaret Trudeau $167,944 More Than Previously Revealed

In total, she received almost $500K from WE.

During testimony, the Kielburgers admitted that Margaret Trudeau was paid an additional $167,944 that had not previously been revealed.

That’s in addition to the over $300K she received from WE that had been previously known.

In total, Margaret Trudeau received $479,944 from the WE Charity/Organization:

“Moments ago @marckielburger just informed the Commons finance committee that in addition to the $312,000 paid to Margaret Trudeau for speaking at WE Day events she was reimbursed an additional $167,944 in expenses. So a total of $479,944.”

That is an immense amount of expenses.

And considering that most speakers weren’t even paid at all, the fact that WE both paid Margaret Trudeau to speak, and then paid a ton of expenses raises even more questions.

Additionally, we also found out today that Margaret Trudeau was only paid to speak by WE after the Liberals took office, making this clearly look to many Canadians like an attempt to gain further influence with the Liberal government.

In short, the testimony of the Kielburgers has only raised further questions, and makes this whole thing look even more shady.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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SO, we ALL know the corruption upon corruption of the Trudeau Liberals – and those who CONTINUE to deny it are too far gone to help- but the real question is WHEN does it ALL end, and he IS forced from not only his office of PM but the Liberal party itself ?!!
Any Liberal out there that still supports this man has the real potential to be as corrupt as he is since it doesn’t seem to matter to them…[email protected]#$%…

Deborah McKinley

My that was a good gig Maggie had!


How much deeper can the libs go in their corruption before the libs admit they are crooks & trudo & the rest resign?


Expenses for what? An audit of the entire WE organization is justified.

How does WE think they are a charity?

Doug Maenpaa

I just watched the grilling , and the situation is scandalous.
Kielberber paid Maggie Trudeau an eye-popping $500K.
Is this what a charity should do with $500K of cash, I think that is reckless on the surface, but we all know it was wink-wink, Trudeau gives money to WE and it comes back as kickbacks. Just look at what Morneau has done. He gave the 41K back, after he got caught.

Gerri Page

All that money belongs to Canada and she should return every penny. Taxpayers don’t pay for listening to a nobody saying nothing only people who are stupid enough to listen to her and they pay.

Moe S.

Pappa Pierre must be rolling in his grave, ex-wife selling the Trudeau name for money.


Just a “teachable moment” for all those poor souls who voted lieberal I guess!


So why hasn’t anyone asked how much they paid to Sophie in “expenses”?