NDP Votes With Liberals AGAINST Opposition Push For More Cabinet Transparency On WE Scandal

How can anyone take the NDP seriously when they continue propping up the Liberal government and acting against the interests of Canadians?

In 2011, the NDP was close to reshaping the political spectrum in Canada.

The Conservatives won a majority government, the NDP won 31% of the vote and over 100 seats, and appeared poised to overtake the Liberals.

Then, Jack Layton tragically passed away, the Liberals picked Justin Trudeau as their leader, and the old partisan patterns reasserted themselves.

Since then, the NDP has been suffering an identity crisis, moving away from Layton’s working class focused party, and turning to a social justice warrior pandering organization led by Jagmeet Singh.

Singh has abandoned the NDP’s previous focus on working class voters.

For example, the NDP was once one of the biggest critics of international trade deals, including trade with China, a position that has been vindicated by recent events. They pushed for more government support for manufacturing tangible products here in Canada, something now promoted by many Conservatives.

And they even recognized that large immigration increases could hurt working class Canadians by driving down wages and increasing the power of large global corporations at the expense of Canadian workers.

All of that has been lost.

On many issues, the NDP and Liberals are now indistinguishable, with both parties often representing the interests of the elitist, politically-correct class, while betraying workers.

Aside from a few exceptions like Charlie Angus, the NDP is no longer a party for working class Canadians.

The latest betrayal took place at the House of Commons Ethics Committee.

The NDP sided with the Liberals and voted against a motion that would have required all Liberal cabinet members to “disclose whether they had knowledge of relationships between Trudeau, other top Liberal officials and WE prior to the cabinet’s decision to award the grant program to WE, and disclose whether they, their families, or relatives have any WE connections.”

The motion, put forward by the Conservatives, was rejected due to the NDP voting alongside the Liberals.

This is absurd.

Instead of acting like a real opposition, the NDP is voting AGAINST more transparency and accountability, in effect helping the Liberals hide the truth from Canadians.

With these kind of actions, it’s no wonder that the NDP is doing so terrible in the polls even as Liberal support drops.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The media is being co-opted by the radical left, and paid off by the Liberals. Without Independent voices like Spencer Fernando, the truth will be silenced. If you want to support Spencer’s Independent perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:
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D. Briggs

Jagmeet Singh thinks that climbing in bed with the Lieberals will help his cause thru a pay-off by the Lieberals-why else would he do it??He who was once part of the Opposition is helping the Liberals become more of a majority in Parliament-I truly hope it backfires in Singh’s face and he loses even more seats than he has now!!

Guy-Paul Roy

Liberals bought the CBC with OUR TAX the TAX payers cash!! Why would the NDP be any different?


Both the NDP and the Liberals have to be Voted OUT in the Next Federal Election. These two Corrupt Parties should be eradicated, once and for all! The NDP did their party a Huge Disservice in Voting for Jagmeet Singh, another Corrupt Leader and Canadians did their Country a Disservice in Voting Liberal, not only once, but twice. What were they thinking, or were they thinking. I think NOT!

Gary Dube

Ann, please do not say Canadians voted liberals in. It was the east that voted them in twice. In the west we are so much more politically sophisticated then the east. Most of us knew what he was about long before he was voted in, we tried to warn people.


Aiding and abetting criminal activity is still illegal in Canada isn’t it?


NDP will never be for a working class as Long as Jagmeet Singh hold that position.He has to help Liberals to pay back helping him to win the seat at Burnaby.


The NDP is once again lining up with the Natural Corruption Party. Its everybody for themselves and to hell with the poor and downtrodden they once tried to help. The only peaceful way of draining the swamp is to keep voting out the bums until tolerable bums take charge and try to change things. Don’t settle for these liars and thieves, just keep throwing them out. I wish these elites who know everything and are better than the great unwashed would spend some of their scheming and conspiring to free the two Michaels who are being held captive by the… Read more »


The NDP has always been RADICAL !


Bird of the feather stick together

Brian Dougan

Hmmm. I wonder what Trudope promised the self-centered; political opportunist Singh? His support comes at a price. What would the late Tommy Douglas think? (The level headed founder of what is now the far Left “NDP.”

Sharon Walker

I guess when they say “birds of a feather flock together” there is truth in that quote! I just read an article where J. Singh was standing together with the Bloc and Conservative party to make sure Justice was done in the WE matter! Now, he is turning his true face once again, makes one wonder, what the going rate is now for bribery!! How much of our Tax dollars did Trudeau pay you Singh …. a huge part of Canada wants to know!! It’s OK, your party is finished anyway and you will never be forgiven for becoming a… Read more »

old white guy

All of Canada’s political parties are socialist and they have one thing on their minds, that is the control and fleecing of the population.