Why Has The Liberal Government Failed To Fund A Canadian CCP Virus Vaccine Effort?

Instead, the Liberals are choosing to partner with China, a country led by a ruthless authoritarian state that has shown it can NOT be trusted.

With many countries racing towards a vaccine, including the US, the UK, France, Germany, China, and more, a Canadian Senator is wondering why Canada has failed to provide financial support for a Canadian CCP Virus Vaccine effort.

Alberta Senator Doug Black noted that Providence Therapeutics, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, has asked for support:

“I really do believe that we need to keep the pressure now on the government of Canada, whom I’m not criticizing. I get that this is an unusual time. And this may be in hand, or it may have fallen through the cracks. But we can’t allow that to happen,” Sen. Doug Black said in an interview Monday.

“I’m not criticizing anybody. But I will be criticizing people if they don’t see this an opportunity to potentially protect Canadians.”

Providence is working on an mRNA vaccine, and says they could provide up to five million doses by the middle of 2021.

They are asking for $35 million to make progress.

Considering the many hundreds of billions that have been spent in Canada dealing with the CCP Virus Pandemic, $35 million for a potentially Canadian-made vaccine is basically nothing at all.

“I see the commitment that’s being made by the European and American governments to this identical technology and I’m saying, ‘Hmm, why in the name of goodness aren’t we pursuing this aggressively in Canada?”‘ said Black.

“No stone should be left unturned in pursuit of a made-in-Canada COVID solution.”

Senator Black is 100% right.

There is no reason for the government to have failed to back the Canadian vaccine effort.

Instead, they have left us dependent on foreign manufacturers, even partnering with China, the nation that let the virus spread, has kidnapped Canadians, lied to the world, and simply cannot be trusted.

And even that program is on hold, because China isn’t sending the vaccine to Canadian research centers.

Also, the government has set aside $600 million for ‘clinical trials and manufacturing,’ so why not take that money away from the China-linked project and give it to the Canadian effort?

We need a made-in-Canada, Patriotic vaccine effort, and the government must immediately begin funding Providence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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