REPORT: Government Documents Say Meng Wanzhou Lied

This could boost the government’s argument for the Huawei CFO to be extradited to the United States.

The Canadian government has released documents in support of their argument for the extradition of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou.

According to reports, the documents show witness saying Meng lied, claiming Huawei did not control Skycom – the company that violated US sanctions on Iran.

“The documents say witnesses, including former employees of Huawei, FBI investigators and officials with HSBC — the bank at the centre of the allegations — will say Meng falsely said Huawei didn’t control Skycom.”

This is quite important, because it would reinforce the charge of fraud, which is a crime in Canada. Thus, Meng’s problem isn’t that she violated sanctions on Iran – sanctions which Canada does not have – but that she committed fraud.

Her lawyers have argued that since Canada doesn’t have Iran sanctions in place, Meng’s actions couldn’t have been considered a crime in Canada, because she only violated US sanctions on Iran. However, fraud is a crime in Canada, and these government documents make the case of fraud much stronger:

“The documents say witnesses will tell the court Meng reassured a senior HSBC executive that Skycom was a local partner of Huawei’s and that the Chinese company had divested any shares in the company in Iran. 

Hours after that meeting, Huawei announced it had received a $1.5-billion loan from a group of international banks with HSBC was the principal lender.

A few days later, the unnamed witness emailed other senior HSBC personnel, “stating that ‘Everything appears to be above board,’ ‘Huawei has stated that it complies with all laws and sanctions,’ and ‘I’m pretty much reassured,'” the documents say.

The HSBC risk committee responsible for the Asia-Pacific region met in Hong Kong and considered that Huawei advised HSBC that its shares in Skycom were sold in 2009 and Meng resigned her position on the board in the same year, the documents say.

“The evidence demonstrates that Ms. Meng deliberately made dishonest representations to HSBC in an attempt to preserve Huawei’s relationship with the bank, knowing that in so doing, HSBC would be exposed to risk of economic loss.”

The evidence establishes fraud and is enough to extradite Meng to the United States, the documents say.”

While Meng awaits her legal fate in luxury, Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have been wrongly jailed by the Chinese Communist Party for 600 days.

Meng is allowed to travel freely in Vancouver and go between her mansions in the city, while Kovrig and Spavor are kept in small rooms, with little access to lawyers, and with lights kept on almost all the time.

As a result of China’s horrible treatment of our Citizens, threats against our country, and horrendous human rights abuses, the overwhelming majority of Canadians have turned against the Communist State.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube