Don’t Let The Trudeau Government & The Media Rewrite History On Their CCP Virus Pandemic Failures

They are trying to spin big failures as a ‘success,’ and hoping people buy into the BS.

As you read these words, the Trudeau government and the media are trying to rewrite history on the CCP Virus.

They are trying to act as if they’ve been ‘successful,’ when they are in fact changing the narrative.

Remember what happened at the start.

For months, literally months, the Liberals downplayed the threat of the virus.

They told us over and over and over again that “the risk was low.”

They said it wouldn’t get into the country, and if it did, they would stop it from spreading.

The ‘experts’ said this.

The Liberal ‘politicians’ said it.

Patty Hajdu, Theresa Tam, Justin Trudeau, and the rest of the Liberals said it.

And they didn’t just say it once.

They said it over and over and over again, for weeks and weeks and weeks.

Then – instead of using Canadian information and intelligence – they simply trusted the World Health Organization, which was getting it’s information from China. Of course, as you know, China’s info was totally wrong, as the CCP tried to cover up the truth.

And, it gets even worse.

We now know that the Liberal government absolutely GUTTED Canada’s pandemic early warning system, in the year before the CCP Virus emerged and spread out of China.

The establishment press has mostly ignored all of this.

They’ve also ignored the fact that the Conservative Party was right about Coronavirus far before the Liberals were.

While the Conservatives weren’t as far ahead of the curve as I was – I called for restricting travel from China back in January – they were raising warnings far before the Liberals took action.

Almost TWO MONTHS before the Liberals shut the borders, the Conservatives were pushing for tougher border controls and restrictions on China.

But instead of the Liberals protecting the country, they instead attacked Conservatives and Patriotic Canadians for wanting our country to be safe.

The Liberals started claiming it was ‘racist’ to want border controls on China, and talked about how the ‘biggest threat’ was ‘stigma’ and ‘prejudice.’

In short, the Liberals wasted months when they could have protected Canadians, and instead demonized Patriotic Canadian Citizens.

As you think about everything you read above, you can clearly see that the Liberals failed our country on the CCP Virus, costing thousands of lives.

We must remember this, and spread the truth to fight back against the Liberal and media effort to rewrite history.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The media is being co-opted by the radical left, and paid off by the Liberals. Without Independent voices like Spencer Fernando, the truth will be silenced. If you want to support Spencer’s Independent perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:
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How many thousand Canadian deaths could be attributed to this Liberal incompetence? The borders have never been closed. Ever.

Douglas Robilliard

A lying Clown running the show what could go wrong! oh ya Canada is upside down!

Shawn Harris

Trudeau can never bring himself to accept that he has lied to, deceived and mislead Canadians on just about everything that he and his government have ever been involved in, especially about the CCP virus. So, not having any courage to face the wrath of the public, Trudeau reverts back to what is his only strengths, lying, deceiving and sanctimonious self righteousness; to avoid any belief or perception, that he is solely to blame for letting the CCP into Canada and the resulting devastation it has brought to us all. This is exactly what Liberals do, because they never have… Read more »