VIDEO: Massive Explosion In Beirut

The explosion took place at the port in Lebanon’s capitol of Beirut.

Dozens are dead, and thousands feared wounded after a gigantic explosion in Beirut, Lebanon.

The explosion happened at the port of Beirut, and left immense damage in its wake.

You can watch videos of the explosion below:

The aftermath is truly horrific:

The death toll is expected to rise, and hospitals in Beirut are making a desperate appeal for blood donations of all blood types.

The explosion also devastated the port of Beirut, the key economic lifeline for the country.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Beirut.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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If that was involving ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer, it would have to intentionally be mixed with the correct amount of diesel fuel and ignited with some form of explosive to create such a massive explosion. Terrorism? Lebanon has had violent attacks from Hamas, ISIS and Palestinians for a long time.