Majority Of Canadians Want The Death Penalty Brought Back

The political class is completely out of step with Canadians on crime.

Judging by what our political parties talk about, you would think that Canadians are far-left pacifists when it comes to crime.

Yet, the reality is the opposite.

Canada Death Penalty Poll

According to a Research Co. survey from March of 2020, a majority of Canadians want the death penalty brought back.

51% of respondents said they support the idea of ‘reinstating capital punishment for murder.’

Many Canadians see it as a way to save money when compared to keeping murderers in prison:

“A sizeable majority of Canadians who are in favour of the return of the death penalty (57 per cent) believe it would save taxpayers money and the costs associated with having murderers in prison,” said Mario Canseco, the head of Research Co.

Interestingly, opposition to the death penalty is far weaker than support, with just 27% of Canadians saying the death penalty is “never appropriate.”

Clearly, Canadians want our country to have a much tougher justice system.

And rather than the endless focus on ‘compassion’ and ‘rehabilitation,’ many Canadians realize that true compassion comes from keeping law-abiding Citizens safe from harm by keeping vicious and brutal killers behind bars, or by executing them.

It’s time for the political class, which has stood by as the justice system gets weaker and more and more skewed towards criminals, to start listening to public opinion and push to reinstate capital punishment.

Spencer Fernando


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