POLL: Plurality Of Canadians Want Election If Trudeau Is Found To Have Violated Ethics Laws Again

More bad numbers for the Liberals.

A new Leger survey has more bad numbers for the Trudeau Liberals, amid the ongoing WE Charity Scandal.

According to the poll, 49% of Canadians want an election called if Trudeau is found guilty of violating ethics laws – something that is currently being investigated.

Meanwhile, 35% disagreed, while 16% say they “don’t know.”

Almost half of Canadians wanting an election is a big deal, especially considering that the country is still concerned with the CCP Virus pandemic.

Clearly, voters are angry.

Additionally, the poll shows 49% saying their opinion of Trudeau has worsened due to the ongoing scandal, while just 5% say it has improved. Those 5% tend to be the most hardcore partisans who take every opportunity to say their opinion of their party is ‘improving’. The fact that event the vast majority of Liberals are unwilling to say that bodes poorly for Trudeau.

This is the latest of many recent surveys showing a consistent trend.

While any individual poll can be wrong or be an outlier, the trend of multiple polls is what really matters, and the trend very clearly shows that the Liberal bounce in the polls following the CCP Virus pandemic has evaporated, and we are back to a competitive political scene.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube