Julie Payette Was A Good Astronaut, But She’s An Absolute Disgrace As Governor General

Payette seems to think she is some sort of imperial monarch, rather than someone who is supposed to be serving Canadians.

Following reports that Julie Payette has created a ‘toxic work environment,’ more information is emerging about her clear unfitness for the job.

According a report by Ashley Burke, $140,000 of our taxpayer dollars were spent researching a secret staircase for Payette, which ended up not being built. Another $117,500 was spent “on a gate and series of doors to keep people away from Payette’s office.”

The report notes “Those costs go well beyond the usual transition expenses, which normally involve some fresh paint and new furniture, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the project.”

An arrogant elitist with disdain for Canadians

While that waste of taxpayer dollars is bad enough, Payette seems to have contempt for Canadians – especially those who protect her and keep Rideau Hall functioning:

“According to multiple sources, Payette doesn’t like maintenance workers in her line of sight. Even RCMP paid to protect Payette are no longer allowed to stand directly outside her office door and must hide in a room down the hallway, according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter. Only some select staff currently have access to the restricted area by her office.”

That is disgusting.

That kind of attitude is what you expect from the worst, most out-of-touch imperial monarch, not a Canadian public servant.

Payette thinks she’s better than the rest of us, and clearly thinks she is entitled to use our tax dollars for her own luxury lifestyle while avoiding any contact with the actual Canadian People.

She may have been a good astronaut, but she is an absolute disgrace as Governor General.

Payette must be fired!

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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