Picking F-35 Could Boost Canadian Economy By $16.9 Billion Says Lockheed Martin

Canadians are already working on the F-35 program with our allies.

In the battle for the contract to replace Canada’s decrepit CF-18’s, Lockheed Martin says picking the F-35 would boost the Canadian economy by $16.9 billion.

The F-35 is the only truly ‘5th generation fighter’ among the three choices, which include the F-18 Super Hornet and the Saab Gripen.

The F-35 is the only one among them to offer stealth, and has a much more substantial ability to detect other fighters, meaning it could launch an attack on the F-18 & Gripen before those planes were even aware of where the F-35 was.

Canada is already participating in the F-35 program, despite not having purchased any planes. As noted by Murray Brewster, “Lorraine Ben, the chief executive officer of Lockheed Martin Canada, said the fighter jet program is important to the country’s economic recovery from the pandemic because it delivers high-skilled, high-paying jobs.

Should Canada not choose the F-35, Callaghan said, the existing contracts, which are currently worth $2 billion, would be honoured for the duration of their commitment but might go elsewhere.”

By contrast, if Canada participates in the program, Lockheed Martin estimates that there would be an injection of $16.9 billion into the Canadian economy.

The Conservatives had originally planned to buy 65 F-35s, but caved after being pressured by the Opposition. The Liberals then claimed they wouldn’t get the F-35s, but changed their minds and allowed them into the competition.

They then delayed the delivery date all the way to 2025, leaving Canada’s immense airspace without a credible deterrent to foreign aggression.

Canada’s endless procurement debacles continue.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube