Doug Ford Rips Trump Tariffs

Ontario Premier slams US President for imposing tariffs, says “We will come back swinging like they’ve never seen before.”

Following Donald Trump’s imposition of 10% tariffs on Canadian aluminum, Ontario Premier Doug Ford is slamming the move.

Ford said he was “disappointed” in the tariff move, and called it “totally unacceptable.”

Ford also pushed for more ‘Made in Ontario’ products:

“We need to start getting our manufacturing folks — the packaging folks — to put the ‘Ontario Made’ logo.”

“Go out there and buy Ontario-made products. We’re up against a real battle right now. It’s us versus them. I love the American people, but right now for the president to come and attack us during these times through a pandemic when we need everyone’s support is totally unacceptable. We may be small, but we’re a consumer giant.”

The Ontario Premier also said Trump was backstabbing Canada:

“We’re supposed to be part of the big family and [Trump] comes and backstabs us like this? Unacceptable. I’m a businessman and I would never go after my number one customer and slap him in the face like President Trump did to the Canadian public and Ontario. We will come back swinging like they’ve never seen before.”

You can watch Ford’s remarks below:

Ford’s messaging here, particularly his call for boosting domestic industry is quite effective, and the federal conservatives should learn from it:

“Doug Ford’s messaging on Trump Tariffs and buying ‘Made in Ontario’ is what the federal conservatives should be using. Economic populism and building up our own domestic economy (MADE IN CANADA) is popular across the political spectrum, especially in a much more divided world.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube