WATCH: The Timeline Of Trudeau’s ‘WE’ Connections

“The Trudeau Liberals and WE have been scratching each other’s backs for years,” says Conservative MP Michael Barrett.

While Justin Trudeau’s connections to WE have received lots of attention lately, those connections go back far longer than many realized.

In fact, Trudeau has been linked to WE since 2007, when he attended the first WE Day.

The WE co-founder donated to Trudeau’s leadership bid in 2013, and once Trudeau was in office, federal money going to WE increased by 1000%.

And then of course, there is the ongoing WE Scandal.

In the video below shared by Conservative MP Michael Barrett (who has been doing great work exposing the Liberals recently) you can see the full timeline:

Trudeau WE Scandal Timeline

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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