By Relentlessly Demonizing Their Opponents, The Trudeau Liberals Have Made Canada A Far More Divided Nation

Even as they take actions that hurt the Canadian People, the Liberals demonize and try to de-legitimize their political opponents, repeatedly blaming others for their own failures.

Canada is becoming a far more divided country, with political anger growing.

The Liberals – with an assist from the media – often portray themselves as simply passive witnesses to this anger, or as victims of the anger, when in fact it has been largely caused by the Liberals themselves.

In particular, Justin Trudeau has regularly played a very manipulative and passive aggressive game: Accuse others of being divisive while causing the division.

Here are just some of the examples of Trudeau and the Liberals dividing the nation:

Trudeau said Canada “belongs” to leaders from Quebec, while saying “Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda. It doesn’t work.”

Trudeau excluded Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives from CCP Virus Crisis talks, insulting and disenfranchising everyone who voted Conservative (the party that won the popular vote).

Trudeau refused to remove Liberal MPs who made hateful comments:

“Bill Morneau called Lisa Raitt a “neanderthal.”

Ahmed Hussen called Lisa MacLeod “un-Canadian” for opposing illegal border crossings.

Kent Hehr – facing sexual harassment allegations – is still in the Liberal Caucus, despite Trudeau claiming he has ‘zero tolerance’ for it. Of course, Trudeau didn’t apply that ‘zero tolerance’ to himself.

Catherine McKenna routinely demonizes the millions of Canadians who support the Conservatives, calling them ‘deniers,’ and trying to imply that Conservatives somehow can’t be Canadian.”

Trudeau did nothing about it.

After woman asked a question about the surge in illegal border crossings in 2018, Trudeau said the woman was pushing “intolerance,” and she was dragged away by security. Rather than show any empathy or respect for her legitimate concerns, Trudeau demonized her, thus demonizing the millions of Canadians who have the same concerns she did.

Catherine McKenna used a disturbing rhetorical trick to try and make it appear that Conservatives aren’t actually Canadians:

“Across Canada, people agree that climate change is a threat to our country. I don’t understand why the Conservatives are hesitant to join Canadians in the fight against climate change. We’ll keep working with Canadians as we move forward with our practical and affordable plan.”

McKenna’s rhetoric here is very dangerous.

Note how she says “people agree” that climate change is a threat. Then, she says Conservatives won’t “join Canadians” to fight against it.

Do you see what she’s doing here?

She is using rhetoric to imply that Conservatives are neither people, nor Canadian.

That is about as dangerous and divisive, and even hateful, as a politician can get. McKenna is simply hiding it behind sneaky tricks, trying to be subtle about her demonization.

Of course, we also remember when Ahmed Hussen called Lisa MacLeod “un-Canadian” for wanting border laws enforced:

“After Lisa MacLeod – the Ontario Minister Responsible for Immigration – made clear that the Ford government wants border enforcement, and had the toughness to criticize the fact that illegal crossers are cutting in line ahead of those following legal processes, Hussen went on the attack.

He called MacLeod “Un-Canadian,” and insanely accused her of “fear mongering,” even though he’s obviously the one trying to scare and divide Canadians by demonizing those of us who want the border secured.”

Liberals demonizing and dividing Canadians

As we can clearly see from the examples above, the Liberals have been endlessly demonizing and dividing Canadians, while manipulatively posing as ‘victims’ of the very same division they’ve created.

Canadians must reject the divisive rhetoric and dangerous agenda of the Trudeau Liberals, and bring our country together.

Spencer Fernando

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