DISGUSTING: Ignorant Liberal MP Tries Blaming Pierre Poilievre For Man Yelling At McKenna’s Office

Poilievre slammed the foolish arrogant Liberal for saying such dumb thing.

The Liberals think demanding government accountability is a bad thing.

In their effort to lie and manipulate, the Liberals are getting even more ignorant than ever before.

During a CBC segment, ignorant Liberal MP Adam Van Koeverden actually tried to blame Pierre Poilievre for someone yelling at McKenna’s office.

Watch the Liberal stupidity below:


Poilievre’s response is 100% right.

Adam van Koeverden’s claim is incredibly dumb and it’s disgusting.

As you can clearly see, what the Liberals are trying to do is to stop people from holding them accountable. They want everyone to be forbidden from talking about Liberal scandals, and they want their critics to be silenced.

The Liberals are desperate for people to stop demanding accountability, because the more Canadians see the corruption of the Liberals, the more people are getting fed up.

By making such a stupid claim, Adam van Koeverden has shown he’s more interested in playing partisan games and fighting against accountability, rather than serving Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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