Foreign Flights Carrying Passengers With COVID-19 (CCP Virus) Are Still Landing In Canada

And the federal government isn’t even proactively telling people to get tested, despite the risk of exposure.

With the Canadian People having made immense sacrifices to stem the tide of the CCP Virus, having loved ones die alone, losing businesses, losing jobs, and seeing long-term damage to the nation, the Liberal government continues to be unworthy of that sacrifice.

From the beginning, the Liberals were focused on political correctness, rather than securing the border or protecting airports.

And now, all of our progress against the Virus risks being undone, with flights carrying infected people still landing in our country.

In the space of just a short number of days, between August 1st and August 4th, a total of 18 flights landed in Canada carrying someone who ended up testing positive for the CCP Virus.

Disturbingly, according to reports, the government isn’t even directly telling people to get tested.

“Passengers are not notified directly by federal public health authorities to get tested, though the government acknowledges those onboard affected flights “may have been exposed to COVID-19.””

This is reminiscent of when the Liberal government claimed they had ‘strong screening’ in place at airports, only for Canadians to discover that was a lie, and provincial governments had to step in.

This risks all of our progress, and is a huge insult to Canadians after the sacrifices we have made as a nation.

Here are all the foreign international flights currently listed by the government as having carried someone who tested positive for the Virus:

  • AEROMEXICO AM696 Mexico City (MEX) Vancouver (YVR) 2020-07-29 19 to 27
  • AEROMEXICO AM680 Mexico City (MEX) Montreal (YUL) 2020-07-30 16 to 22
  • AeroMexico AM680 Mexico City (MEX) Montreal (YUL) 2020-08-06 24 to 30
  • Air Canada AC855 / LH6812 London Heathrow (LHR) Vancouver (YVR) 2020-07-28 12 to 14 and 18
  • Air Canada AC1231 Cancun (CUN) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-07-31 Unknown
  • Air Canada AC1241 Cancun (CUN) Montreal (YUL) 2020-08-01 13 to 19
  • Air Canada AC871 Paris (CDG) Montreal (YUL) 2020-07-31 19 to 25
  • Air Canada AC7682 Chicago (ORD) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-08-04 20- to 26
  • Air Canada AC870 Montreal (YUL) Paris (CDG) 2020-08-04 58 to 64
  • Air Canada AC871 Paris (CDG) Montreal (YUL) 2020-07-31 19 to 25
  • Air Canada AC1297 Punta Cana (PUJ) Montreal (YUL) 2020-08-01 Unknown
  • Air Canada AC879 Switzerland (ZRH) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-08-04 Unknown
  • Air Canada AC992 Mexico City (MEX) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-08-02 19 to 25
  • Air Canada AC849 London (LHR) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-08-04 Unknown
  • Air France AF0342 Paris (CDG) Montreal (YUL) 2020-08-01 21 to 27
  • Air India AC187 New Delhi (DEL) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-07-28 25 to 31
  • Air Transat TS831 Punta Cana (PUJ) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-08-01 18 to 24
  • Air Transat TS893 Cancun (CUN) Montreal (YUL) 2020-08-01 16 to 23
  • Alaska Airlines AS2930 Seattle (SEA) Vancouver (YVR) 2020-07-31 12 to 14
  • American Airlines AA4901 Philadelphia (PHL) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-07-28 2 to 14
  • American Airlines AA5079 Charlotte (CLT) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-07-29 Unknown
  • Delta Air Lines DL3898 Seattle (SEA) Vancouver (YVR) 2020-07-29 10 to 16
  • Delta Air Lines DL7203 Atlanta (ATL) Calgary (YYC) 2020-08-04 10 to 16
  • Ethiopian Airlines ET552 Addis Ababa (ADD) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-07-30/2020-07-31 1 to 6
  • Etihad Airways EY141 Abu Dhabi (AUH) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-08-02 7 to 11
  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KLM681 Amsterdam (AMS) Vancouver (YVR) 2020-07-29 Unknown
  • Pakistan International Airlines PK797 Lahore (LHE) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-08-02 66 to 72
  • Philippine Airlines PR118 Manila (MNL) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-07-29 37 to 43
  • Qatar Airlines QR763 Doha (DOH) Montreal (YUL) 2020-08-03 18 to 24
  • Tap Air Portugal TP253 Lisbon (LIS) Montreal (YUL) 2020-08-04 16 to 22
  • Turkish Airlines TK35 Istanbul (IST) Montreal (YUL) 2020-07-31 6 to 11 and 16 to 22
  • United Airlines UA375 San Francisco (SFO) Vancouver (YVR) 2020-08-01 25 to 29
  • United Airlines UA3488 Newark (EWR) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-08-03 14 to 20
  • WestJet WS1211 New York (LGA) Toronto (YYZ) 2020-07-31 Unknown


Spencer Fernando

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As the governments keep preaching to us, that the second wave of the CCP plandemic is coming – they must make sure it arrives here so another one of their bad promises is kept.
Close the boarders, get Canadian independence back, get our companies functioning again in Canada. Your welcome to leave, but please do not return until we are all healthy again worldwide.


O.K, so this means, the gov’t isn’t worried about my health!?


The Liberal Government doesn’t give a damn about you. They really and seriously do not care. It is all about them.


There are some restrictions on cross-border vehicle travel, but there are also dozens of exemptions. Flights have not been restricted. The reductions have been due to fewer passengers. This whole thing about things like Delta Flight bla-bla, rows 10 – 16 or whatever, is crap. The entire tube of people all breathe the same air and all shared the same clouds of tiny particles and viruses. The idiot Liberals should have properly required every passenger on foreign flights to be isolated in one of the vacant hotels for at least two weeks, restricted to their rooms, at hotel rates, payable… Read more »