Bloc Demands Resignation Of Trudeau, Morneau, & Telford

If the Liberals don’t oblige, Bloc leader Yves-Francois Blanchet says the Bloc will seek to trigger an election.

The stakes are being raised amid the ongoing WE Scandal and rent-relief program Scandal.

With the Liberals dropping in the polls and Justin Trudeau’s own approval ratings falling, the Bloc is demanding big resignations at the top of the Liberal government.

Bloc leader Yves-Francois Blanchet is demanding that Justin Trudeau, Bill Morneau, and Trudeau’s top advisor Katie Telford all step down.

If that doesn’t happen, Blanchet says the Bloc will seek to trigger a fall election.

WATCH: Bloc Election Threat

Notably, by that time the Conservatives will have a new leader in place, and it would be shocking – after all the Conservatives have done to hold the Liberals accountable – for the Conservatives to try and avoid an election.

This means that the only thing stopping an election would be the NDP.

That would put Jagmeet Singh in a very strange position. Charlie Angus and much of the NDP caucus have expressed outrage over the Liberals repeated scandals, and refusing to push for an election would be seen as weakness and capitulation by the NDP to the Liberals. Singh has also ripped Trudeau at times, even saying he had ‘done less than Trump’ on police reform, a pretty harsh attack from the perspective of the NDP.

To do all of that, and then prop up the Liberals again would raise serious questions about what the NDP is even doing, would risk splitting the already moribund party, and could cause a further loss of NDP support.

However, the NDP also has the slight problem of being almost out of money.

So, the Liberals only chance of avoiding a swift defeat of their minority government is the inability of the NDP to make money.

How ironic.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Quebec must be as embarrassed of this Trudeau also as they claimed to be by the first Trudeau.


Hi Nancy,Yes there was night of the long knives.I do not know if one can still find it on the internet.


It does not matter what the Bloc said.NDP leader Singh will support Trudeau,and no matter what kind of motion is put down on the floor liberals will win.While all this is happening China is still importing sentinel into Canada to kill more Canadians with overdose,harvesting organs from FalunGong prisoners of conscience, Christians and Muslims occupied Hong-Kong is preparing for an assault on Taiwan independent country and still mantaining concentration camps.Yet nobody is saying anything The conditions are the same as before second world war yet Canada is saying nothing.These are the facts it has nothing to do with political correctness.


I totally agree with the Bloc! Canadians are demanding an Election NOW!

Major Tom

Throw Blair in the mix too……

Brian Rushfeldt

it will not happen unless trudeau sees hope of winning an election – then he would bribe the NDP to bring him down.