DISLOYALTY: Trudeau Liberal Government Gave Huge Embassy Security Contract To China Communist Party-Controlled Company, Even Though A Calgary Company Offered A LOWER PRICE


In mid-July, I wrote about a story first reported by John Ivison of Postmedia.

People were shocked to learn that the Trudeau government gave a massive contract for security in all of Canada’s embassies around the world to a company controlled by the Chinese Communist Party:

Here’s part of what I wrote and quoted at the time:

“As reported by the National Post, The Trudeau Liberal government has awarded a Chinese Communist Government controlled company with a contract to supply security equipment for 170 Canadian embassies:

“The government of Canada has awarded an estimated $6.8 million contract to a state-owned Chinese company to supply security equipment for 170 embassies, consulates and high commissions around the globe.

The contract for conveyor-style X-ray machines was awarded to Beijing-based Nuctech Company, a company owned by the Chinese government and founded by the son of former General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, Hu Jintao.”

The article notes that Nuctech is known as the “Huawei of airport security”.


Just great.

How could that go wrong?

So, not only are we putting our own security at serious risk – as the contract includes “significant pieces of Chinese technology sitting in every embassy,” including software – but we are also enriching a ruthless Communist State that is committing genocide within their own country, and holding Canadians hostage.”

The government issued the contract, claiming that they did so because the Chinese company had the lowest bid, and the government ‘had’ to go with that bid.

Yet, that excuse has been demolished.

It turns out, the Trudeau Liberal Government had a LOWER BID from A CANADIAN company based in Calgary, yet chose the Chinese Communist Party-controlled company instead.

Here’s what Ivison reported:

“Two weeks ago, as reported here first, the government of Canada made a standing offer to the self-same Nuctech to install X-ray scanners in all of its embassies and high commissions around the world — even though at least two Canadian companies had bid on the contract.

At the time, I reported that Nuctech had won because it made the lowest bid: $6.8 million. Yet it turns out even that fig leaf of a defence has been blown away.

Kham Lin of Calgary-based KPrime Technologies said his company offered to supply the scanners for $5.4 million. He said that even if the Nuctech bid included shipping and installation, KPrime would still have been able to offer a more competitive price.”

This is absolute disloyalty by the Trudeau Liberal government.

It is a disgrace.

It is absurd.

How the hell can the government justify giving a SECURITY contract to a Chinese Communist controlled company, for a HIGHER COST, while rejecting a Canadian company offering the service for a lower price?

Instead of creating jobs here in Canada, the Liberal government will create jobs in China.

And this is all happening while all of our top allies are pushing back against China, as China is threatening Canada and free nations, and is holding two Canadians hostage.

Canadians are more united than ever before in wanting to decouple our nation from China, with 90% of Canadians holding a negative view of China’s Communist Authoritarian State.

Yet, the Liberals are ignoring all of that – in an immense betrayal of the will of the Canadian People – has decided to give a contract to China at the expense of a loyal, Patriotic Canadian company that would keep our embassy workers safety and security in Canadian hands.

This must be stopped!

Contact your MP at the link below and demand that the contract be given to a CANADIAN COMPANY!


Spencer Fernando

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This is even worse than that as these CCP controlled Liberals said, but obviously Liberal lies yet again, that they would help Alberta’s unemployed to get jobs since the Liberals have done so much damage to Alberta and it’s peoples prosperity. The Embassies might as well be closed since Canada does not have a Canadian government and will not keep them secure or safe.

Major Tom

Disloyalty? “None Dare Call It Treason!”

Jim Montag

I think an audit of the true dopes trust fund going back to 2015 is in order.

Gary Pawson

Well, this little ‘joke’ of a Canadian (sic) PM, we already know is unethical as well as immoral. This has been proven a couple of times. His Finance Minister was beholding to WE for trips’ he took with his family & only ‘discovered’ the fact because he got caught I believe. (Three years?) These jokers’ DO NOT forget 41,000 dollars worth of overseas trips! I DO HOPE that both CSIS as well as their UK & American, Australian opposites KNOW this fool has opened the door to the Commies in China.That’s what this moron’s done. Canada will have NO intelligence… Read more »


It is not rational to think that our government was acting in good faith on behalf of anyone other than the Chinese Communist Party. This sends a clear message to our historic allies and friends that our global consular network cannot be trusted! They will measures to avoid having sensitive, confidential or secret information from passing though our embassies, consulates etc. Trudeau appears to want to destroy the Five Eyes structure and, at a minimum, have us put in “intelligence isolation” by our allies – to the benefit of the CCP. Who would visit our embassies knowing that, for example,… Read more »

Lee O. Welter

I favor displacing the “United Nations” with an organization of free nations. This will enhance the prosperity of participants, in contrast to the lowered strength of less free nations.


You have to wonder if a Quebec company with strong liberal ties would have won the contract instead. Even if they had no buildings/ presence in Canada.

Eric Blair

Not only that but Nuctech also supplies CBSA with scanners for containers at the Tsawwassen BC container terminal. So all goods from China arrive there and CBSA uses Chinese scanners to look inside these containers. I wonder if could be programmed to ignore certain items. Hummmmmmm

Nolan Diamond

How will the US react, to Canada allowing access, to it’s embassy’s by communist China? Maybe, severe restrictions on Canada, will change Trudeau’s moronic actions. Will the elite fools, voting for this PM, ever wake up?.

Moe S.

I believe most Canadians know there is something very wrong with this governments constant ‘giving’ to companies who are fronts for the Communist Chinese regime. Here’s a thought, could Trudeau have our country buried in debt to the CCP regime? Someone as powerful as the CCP would know exactly what they want in return for a debt owed. They would want the country in debt to them to vote in alignment with them at U.N. meetings, or authorize their support of the U.N.’s decisions on Covid-19, or they want access to the country’s natural resources, companies at dirt cheap prices,… Read more »


This corrupt incompetent fool is destroying Canada.


Why do the Liberals have such deep hatred and contempt for Canada and Canadians? I don’t think they make mistakes, their actions and words are deliberate. It would be so easy to do things and make decisions the right way, the correct way, the Canadian way. Instead they go out of their way, deliberately making wrong decisions.

Please, Canada, support anyone but the Liberals and their NDP supporters.