John Tory Bends The Knee To Wokes, Says He’ll “Reform” & “Reallocate’ Police Funding Amid Violent Crime Surge

Good luck with that…

Crime – particularly violent crime – is on the rise in Toronto and in much of Canada.

The crime of course is largely being committed by gangs, while law-abiding gun owners are, as always, following the laws.

Yet, the failed politicians continue to demonize law-abiding gun owners, while giving gangs a free pass.

The fear of offending the Woke Inquisition means politicians – like Toronto mayor John Tory – are reluctant to actually crackdown on gangs. They are afraid they’ll be called racist, so they direct their attention elsewhere.

Of course, we know where this leads.

Since gangs tend to be concentrated in heavily minority neighbourhoods, the victims of gangs also tend to be minorities. This is ignored by the Wokes and by those in power, meaning good, hard-working, law-abiding people in already struggling communities are sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.

And now, Tory is giving in even more.

The Toronto mayor has announced major police ‘reform,’ and ‘reallocation’ of funding away from the police to other areas. In short, he’s moving in the direction of defunding the police.

Here’s what Tory said:

“This is a recognition of the fact that we know we must do more because systemic racism in policing threatens the equal rights and opportunity and justice and wellbeing of Indigenous, Black and marginalized communities in our city and that is not something that’s acceptable to me as mayor or to you, the people of Toronto.”

While some have talked about how black people are more likely to be arrested, charged, and shot by police, it is rarely mentioned that (and this is simply a fact), black people are more likely to interact with police because crime rates tend to be higher in areas of Toronto that have higher black populations. It’s simply a basic statistical reality. If there is more crime in a specific area, the people in that area are more likely to interact with police.

Yet, that is almost always left out of the conversation.

Ironically, many people in minority communities want more police involvement, and in particular want a severe crackdown on gangs.

But those voices are ignored, since they don’t fit the Woke narrative.

Tory is making a big mistake, a mistake that can already be seen in a city like New York, where the left-wing mayor slashed police funding, demonized the police, bent the knee to the Wokes, and has watched as crime surges, murder rates skyrocket, people flee, and investment departs with rapid speed.

It’s a disaster, and now that disaster is being repeated in Toronto.

Spencer Fernando

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