John Tory Bends The Knee To Wokes, Says He’ll “Reform” & “Reallocate’ Police Funding Amid Violent Crime Surge

Good luck with that…

Crime – particularly violent crime – is on the rise in Toronto and in much of Canada.

The crime of course is largely being committed by gangs, while law-abiding gun owners are, as always, following the laws.

Yet, the failed politicians continue to demonize law-abiding gun owners, while giving gangs a free pass.

The fear of offending the Woke Inquisition means politicians – like Toronto mayor John Tory – are reluctant to actually crackdown on gangs. They are afraid they’ll be called racist, so they direct their attention elsewhere.

Of course, we know where this leads.

Since gangs tend to be concentrated in heavily minority neighbourhoods, the victims of gangs also tend to be minorities. This is ignored by the Wokes and by those in power, meaning good, hard-working, law-abiding people in already struggling communities are sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.

And now, Tory is giving in even more.

The Toronto mayor has announced major police ‘reform,’ and ‘reallocation’ of funding away from the police to other areas. In short, he’s moving in the direction of defunding the police.

Here’s what Tory said:

“This is a recognition of the fact that we know we must do more because systemic racism in policing threatens the equal rights and opportunity and justice and wellbeing of Indigenous, Black and marginalized communities in our city and that is not something that’s acceptable to me as mayor or to you, the people of Toronto.”

While some have talked about how black people are more likely to be arrested, charged, and shot by police, it is rarely mentioned that (and this is simply a fact), black people are more likely to interact with police because crime rates tend to be higher in areas of Toronto that have higher black populations. It’s simply a basic statistical reality. If there is more crime in a specific area, the people in that area are more likely to interact with police.

Yet, that is almost always left out of the conversation.

Ironically, many people in minority communities want more police involvement, and in particular want a severe crackdown on gangs.

But those voices are ignored, since they don’t fit the Woke narrative.

Tory is making a big mistake, a mistake that can already be seen in a city like New York, where the left-wing mayor slashed police funding, demonized the police, bent the knee to the Wokes, and has watched as crime surges, murder rates skyrocket, people flee, and investment departs with rapid speed.

It’s a disaster, and now that disaster is being repeated in Toronto.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The media is being co-opted by the radical left, and paid off by the Liberals. Without Independent voices like Spencer Fernando, the truth will be silenced. If you want to support Spencer’s Independent perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:
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For those living amidst the gunfire, take comfort that your mayor is capital B woke. Stay inside, keep your head down and rejoice that in print the word ‘black’, when used to describe a portion of the population is being capitalized, just like the name of a country. You know you’ve won when the most important thing about any individual is their skin colour. Yeah!! (Satire)


The other fact being ignored totally is that well over half the population in the GTA are visible minorities and 83% of Toronto are new or newer people to Canada trying to make their way in a strange place without the benefit of being properly integrated into Canadian culture at all. The New World disorder.

alan skelhorne

no problem, he has always been a puppet for trudeau, he is just proving it

Guy-Paul Roy

In the 60’s it was call HIPPY. Cops are criminals and all the sinners saints. Half a century and we still have this PROBLEM. More Funding as to add too the Forces is probably the answer?


Another Idiot Liberal, what can we say. The ONLY one that we should be bending the knee is GOD!! John Tory is another Politician that MUST GO ASAP!!

Chris Cannon

What a joke! He needs to go, Who does he thinks he is or wants to be? His hero Bill Diblasio? We all see how that went huh? Canadians wanting to p[lay like Americans! He makes me sick and has no place in Politics or CANADA!


I remember when Toronto used to be a nice and safe city,BUT that was decades ago….
NO MORE,thanks to the politically correct leftist idiots running it over the last few decades.You wouldn’t get me into Toronto on a bet now…


God help the citizens of Toronto!

Mike Right

Bring more illegals into southern Ontario that will fix the problem.Peacefull law abiding cities a few short years ago.Gone forever thanks to politicians that care only about the vote and having power.


Liberal-Democrats target and destroy major cities in NA. Toronto is not immune with John ‘Deblasio’ at the helm supported by a socialist council. What stripe does Montreal’s Mayor Plante wear? Is Liberal, Montreal next followed by Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver not necessarily in that order? Help us out here, Secretary Pompeo. You don’t want a communist regime on your northern border any more than rational Canadian conservatives. How about a little foreign interference here to offset China’s cozyness with our Trudeau dictatorship? But seriously .

Ila McLachlan

amusing picture came to me. tory wants to tie law enforcement with other politicans. An officers goes to a call with unknown danger they walk in and see a crime being committed. Officer is not ALLOWED to use apprpriate degree of force. So the officers ..excused me ..excuse me.. your behaviour isnt right you need to stop….ok you wont stop when you are done beating robbing killing raping sell humans then if you dont mind we can talk then. PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP WE WILL PUT WHIP CREAM ON just for you.This is a stupid thought NO.… Read more »