The War Against Meat Is A War Against Strength & Independence

There are simple things we can do to make people healthy and strong, while saving billions in the healthcare system. Those in power don’t want that to happen.

There’s a good chance that by now you’ve seen the growing campaign against meat.

Real meat that is.

All over the place, companies are pushing artificial meat products, plant-based protein, and other alternatives that have one thing in common: They aren’t real animal protein.

This is being cast as either a money-saving measure, as a way to ‘save the environment,’ or simply as ‘consumer preference.’

But there is far more going on here.

It is simply a fact that eating a good amount of animal protein, combined with exercise (particularly weightlifting), makes people healthier and stronger.

Access to affordable animal protein has been a staple of the Western world, and a key reason why countries like Canada grew to have physically strong populations that could achieve amazing things.

Strength also means independence, which has an impact both physically, and mentally.

Stronger people are far tougher for the government to dominate, threaten, or control.

And yet, for all the times the government interferes in our lives and tells us what to do, they rarely – if ever – recommend lifting weights, and they are now clearly trying to shift people away from eating meat.

In short, the war against meat is really a war against strength and independence.

The elites want us to be unhealthy, they want us to be weak, they want us to feel dependent on the ‘all powerful government.’

“Two of the best things we can do for our physical and mental health is lift weights and get a good amount of real animal protein. Funny how those in charge never promote the first, and are pushing against the second. Almost like they want us weak and sickly.”

It’s how they control us, it’s how they keep us powerless.

Consider that, from a logical perspective, having a strong and healthy population is exactly what the government should want. It makes us safer (far harder to conquer), and it would save billions in healthcare costs every year.

And that may be exactly the problem.

Pharmaceutical companies, many large corporations, and governments all see too much money to be made in keeping people weak and unhealthy. And if more and more people became strong and independent, politicians would struggle to convince us that they need even more power.

So, while the war against meat may simply seem like a trend, there is really much more going on here, and Canadians need to push back.

Spencer Fernando


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