Boost Funding For The Police To Protect The Public & Increase Security For Politicians

In an increasingly dangerous world, the public and those the public elect to office need more protection.

Across much of the country – including in places governed by left-wing politicians like Toronto mayor John Tory – crime is surging.

Law-abiding Canadian gun owners are demonized, while the actual problem of gang crime is ignored.

This is putting good, law-abiding people at risk, making our cities, towns, and communities more dangerous.

At the same time, political divisions are surging, with many politicians – including Justin Trudeau and many Liberals – relentlessly demonizing opponents, increasing rage and anger in the country, and making things more dangerous for people in office.

As noted in a recent article by Justin Ling in the National Post, threats are rising against politicians of all political stripes:

“I’ve spoken to more than a dozen staffers and politicians from different parties who say the threats are growing — disproportionately for women and racialized cabinet ministers, but also for backbench and opposition MPs.”

The article also notes that Trudeau has failed to boost security funding for elected officials, despite rising threats:

“The prime minister is happy to leverage their identities for his profile, but when it comes to spending money to protect them from being violently murdered in public? Sorry, call 911.”

The Canadian People reject solving political problems with violence

You probably know very well that I‘ve written multiple times about why true Canadians reject political violence:

“As we have seen, the far left has become consumed with an attitude of violence and hate. Patriotic Canadians reject that rhetoric of violence. We want to see our opponents defeated and out of power, but we don’t want to see them lose their lives.”

I’ve also written about why we must move towards stronger Patriotism in Canada to fight against violence:

“And yet, we realize that if our country is to truly move forward and truly become united, all of us must embrace the power of Patriotism and see each other as fellow citizens, rather than as enemies.

“For that to happen however, the elites who benefit from keeping us divided need to either wake up to the damage they are doing, or – more likely – be replaced by leaders who can actually act in the interests of all Canadians, rather than dividing us with identity politics and exclusionary rhetoric.”

“First of all, we know that true Canadians reject the idea of political violence and reject violent threats. Criticizing a politician is one thing (and politicians should be heavily criticized – even harshly when warranted), while threatening harm is a totally different thing.”

In fact, it’s been the far-left using violence the most, as we have seen people attacking others, attacking businesses (destroying people’s livelihoods), and rejecting the idea of solving disputes at the ballot box.

Increase funding for political security

Usually, I’m against increasing funding for politicians, in large part because of how much corruption takes place and how badly they waste our money.

With that said, we must ensure that elected officials – even those who we despise and think are disloyal to the country – are protected from physical harm. Corrupt and disloyal politicians must be removed through the ballot box. Violence must be rejected.

In fact, after the attempted Rideau Hall attack, I wrote that security funding needs to be boosted:

Clearly, security needs to be strengthened:

“Canada must increase security funding for our top officials. Regardless of whether we like them or not, security is clearly way too lax and must be toughened up.”

The public deserves protection, not just the politicians

With all of that in mind, and with it being clear that we need to protect elected officials, we also must ensure that the public is protected.

And this is where many politicians are being despicably hypocritical.

As crime surges, many politicians are pushing for police funding to be slashed.

They are pushing for policies that would make crime even worse, putting you and your family at increased risk.

At the same time, some of those politicians have security details protecting them.

Of course, it’s good that they are protected, but how can they justify having increased protection while trying to reduce that protection for the rest of us?

“Politicians who call for slashing police funding should have to make an equivalent cut in their own security budget. How can a ‘leader’ justify boosting their own security while denying security to the Citizens they are supposed to serve?”

This hypocrisy must end. We need to boost police funding to increase security for the public, and for those in office.

Protect all Canadians

With the world becoming more dangerous, Canada must take action. We must protect our Citizens, and protect those our Citizens elect to office. To remain a democratic nation, political violence must be rejected, and must solve our disputes at the ballot box.

Spencer Fernando


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