#TrudeauWorstPM Is Trending As Canadians Criticize Unpopular, Divisive ‘Leader’

Even with a massive boost from the establishment press, Trudeau is increasingly unpopular among Canadians.

The idea of Justin Trudeau has long been popular with Canadians.

The reality of Justin Trudeau has not.

Trudeau ran as a photogenic, new generation of leadership, promising to bring openness, accountability, lower taxes for the middle class, and a more ‘relaxed’ style than the ‘controlling Harper government.’

People liked that idea, enough for the Liberals to win about 39% of the popular vote in 2019 and get a majority.

Trudeau started with high approval ratings, with many Canadians – including many Conservatives – willing to give him a chance.

But once the idea of Trudeau became the reality, his poll numbers fell.

He broke promise after promise, lied to Canadians repeatedly, piled up the scandals, demonized opponents, demonized the country, insulted Veterans, fear-mongered against those who disagreed, presided over weak economic numbers, and was even more centralizing and controlling than Harper.

So, the longer Trudeau was in office, the more his poll numbers fell.

In a big rejection by Canadians, the Liberals went from 39% to 32% in 2019, lost a bunch of seats, lost the popular vote, and only won by making Andrew Scheer slightly more unpopular than Trudeau was.

From a popular leader, Trudeau turned into a divisive and unpopular leader who only held on to power with a narrow tactical win.

Trudeau’s numbers remained weak into the first months of 2020.

Then, the CCP Virus hit.

The crisis led to the ‘rally-round the flag’ effect, as Canadians increased support for leaders at all levels. Despite repeated dysfunction, lies, incompetence, and failing to secure the borders or airports, the Liberals were praised by some for their response to the crisis because the provincial premiers stepped in where the feds failed, and Trudeau unfairly got much of the credit.

And yet, Trudeau’s numbers are falling again.

Scandals are piling up, Trudeau’s disdain for ethics is even more apparent, and his arrogance and disregard for our tax dollars has reminded so many Canadians why the opposed him.

Trudeau’s ratings have dropped into the low to mid thirties, with disapproval surging.

As a result, #TrudeauWorstPM is trending once again.

Many Canadians are talking about the latest Liberal scandal, the Liberals giving $20 million to a company that paid Liberal Minister Steven Guilbeault, a story first reported by The Post Millennial:

“The Trudeau government gave $20 million to a venture capital investment company that the Liberal Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault advised.

Guilbeault has advised Cycle Capital Management (the organization that received this federal funding) since 2018. According to his LinkedIn, the Liberal minister continues to work for the organization as a strategic councilor.

As well as this, the Office of the Ethics Commissioner states that Guilbeault had received income from a contract with Cycle Capital Management within the last 12 months. Cycle Capital Management made the $20 million government funding announcement this February.”

The scandals keep piling up, and even the attempts by the Liberals and the establishment press to change the channel hasn’t stopped the Liberals from losing support.

In short, the more the Liberals lie to Canadians, the more they misuse our tax dollars, the more they arrogantly lecture us, and the more they try to divide our nation, the more unpopular Trudeau and the Liberals will get, and the more we will see Canadians sharing hashtags like #TrudeauWorstPM.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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